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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Institutes of RAS that supported the YACONTO Integrated Program ↓


Российская Академия Наук

Find below some letters coming from leading institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) that supported the YACONTO Integrated Program for the construction, in Tuapse region of Krasnodar territory, of the modern “Commercial Black Sea port YACONTO” (the YACONTO Port) for the transshipment of over 100 million tons of cargo per annum, and a construction of a Tuapse Naval Base as the stationing and repair point for warships and vessels of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, with their common infrastructure:


 11.01.2007 - RAS Institute of Oceanology (Director Nigmatulin R.I.) to YACONTO LLC

 02.02.2007 - RAS Institute of Geochemistry (Director Galimov E.M.) to YACONTO LLC

 05.02.2007 - RAS Oil and Gas Research Institute (Director Dmitrievskiy A.N.) to YACONTO LLC

 06.02.2007 - RAS Institute of Environmental Geoscience (Director Osipov V.I.) to YACONTO LLC

 07.02.2007 - RSA Institute of Physics of Earth (Directot Gliko A.O.) to YACONTO LLC



My personal meetings with the most noteworthy Luminaries of World Science – Academicians of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) regarding the involvement of the institutions of RAS, headed by them, in the implementation of the nongovernmental investment YACONTO Integrated Program, allowed me conclude that their intentions, based on knowledge, expertise and vast scientific experience, are sincere and substantiated by realities of time. Confidential conversations about the development of fundamental science and the prospects for the practical introduction of scientific discoveries into Russian economy had a positive result.

My conversations with Academicians of RAS showed that a successful implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program opened opportunities for development of many other branches of economy, in Russia and abroad, with the involvement of RAS. There are unique scientific discoveries around exploration of seas and oceans, space, in the field of geochemistry, physics of Earth, etc, which exist but are not in demand in Russia; their practical use alone prompted me to develop an unprecedented multidisciplinary YACONTO International Program of planetary scale.

Realities of time show that in order to start implementing the promising Moon Program alone, more than one trillion U.S. dollars are required. This money is required for creation of fundamentally new types of space ships with very powerful engines to send large size, heavyweight cargo from Earth. Such ships would be required during the construction of autonomous settlements (bases) on the Moon – with a closed loop infrastructure, which supports comfortable conditions for human life, ensures its complete safety in order to achieve maximum efficiency in their work.

These ships are also essential for the delivery of modern, large-sized, heavy, high-tech equipment for the mining and processing of minerals and natural resources on the Moon, as well as delivery of finished product to the Earth. A specific example of such goods is Helium-3, which might be in demand on the Earth in nearest future. In particular, during a thermonuclear synthesis, 1 (one) ton of Helium-3, reacting with 0.67 tons of Deuterium, unleashes energy which is equivalent to burning of 15 million tons of crude oil.

In order to implement the promising International space exploration program, which offers huge economical benefits, we must have several large modern stationary space launch complexes (SLC), situated near the equator, in both hemispheres. These SLCs should be permanently able to handle launches of extremely heavy and large modern spaceships, created using the most advanced technology, new materials, components and equipment. At the same time, SLC should belong to a single International space centre of the Earth, and should be under the umbrella of a single International space exploration program.

Already back in 1995, on confidential agreements, YACONTO companies focused efforts on identifying acceptable variants of construction sites for an SLC with necessary infrastructure for regular commercial launches of spacecraft from the territories of different countries. There were plans to involve Atommash OJSC, along with leading companies of the Western world, to provide the SLC and its infrastructure with the most modern high-tech, large and bulky equipment, on mutually beneficial terms. The authority of Concern YACONTO JSC was confirmed by the Letter of Warranty (ref. №BO-32-194 of 21.01.1997) from the Russian Federal Space Agency.

Implementation of a particularly promising International program for practical application of scientific achievements and discoveries in the field of seas and oceans is equally interesting and economically justified. A careful, competent approach to the use of existing capacity, created by the meticulous efforts of scientists and experts of RAS, has enormous potential in the reproduction of marine resources of the planet, which require responsible and sustainable consumption. And that's not to mention the mineral and natural resources, hidden under the oceans.

Sergey Yakunin, President of YACONTO LLC

 02.08.2004 - Expert conclusion of FSE RI FRCEC on YACONTO Integrated Program

 02.08.2004 - FSE RI RRSCCE to Advisor to the President of RF Burutin AG (on significance of IP)

 27.01.2005 - Analytical Note of the MA of Russian General Staff of AF on YACONTO IP

 09.05.2005 - List of Projects under the YACONTO Integrated Program (YACONTO Port + TNB)

 04.11.2006 - List of Projects under the YACONTO Integrated Program (YACONTO Port without TNB)

 07.02.2007 - Reference for YACONTO Port and TNB with common infrastructure (Variant 1)

 07.02.2007 - Reference for YACONTO Port with extensive infrastructure (Variant 2)

 10.04.2008 - Additions to List of Projects of YACONTO Integrated Program from 09.05.2005

 09.05.2008 - Explanatory Note for the YACONTO Integrated Program (as per LP of 09.05.2005)

 03.02.2009 - Addendum to Explanatory Note from 09.05.2008 for YACONTO Integrated Program


Huge interest to the activity of YACONTO LLC, showed by organizations and individual from several world’s leading countries, prompted me to contact the Luminaries of the world’s science, whose participation could make invaluable contribution to the economic development of the States of the international community. Among those people was the Director of V.I. Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RF, Moscow), Member of the Presidium of RAS, Academician of RAS Eric Mikhailovich Galimov, with whom I have established business relationships and trust, in the field of participation of his globally famous Institute in YACONTO’s promising Programs. At our meetings, I also brought up matters of the premeditated bankruptcy of Russia’s nuclear engineering flagship Atommash OJSC and the restoration of the status quo of this industrial giant in order to support long-term development of nuclear energy in Russia and abroad – which is possibly under current RF legislation. In order to accomplish this, it was proposed to attract another organization to the participation in the Program – the Federal-funded “Kurchatov Institute” National research centre (previously I.V. Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy – RF, Moscow), as well as other Institutes of RAS, which would undoubtedly contribute to the development of Russia’s economy and those of interested States.

There was also quite a curious and uncanny situation. In particular, my meeting with Professor Mikhail Kovalchuk, Director of the “Kurchatov Institute” National research centre, Corresponding member of RAS, which took place in spring of 2010, was utterly disappointing. The commercialized “functionary in science” shocked me by telling me he has never heard of the nuclear engineering flagship Atommash OJSC and knew nothing about it. Sadly, today it’s not surprising that many students of Russian universities and schoolchildren do not know the names of Alexander Suvorov, Mikhail Kutuzov, Georgy Zhukov, and naively believe that Vladimir Lenin fought Adolf Hitler. But it is totally unbelievable that a nuclear “scientist”, being immersed in this branch of fundamental science, does not know about the Russian nuclear industry giant. Hence, I had a impression that Mikhail Kovalchuk was somewhat hypocritical, or, better to say, lied to me cynically. Besides, when I gave him my business card, he said that he had no business cards, although there was a whole pile of his business cards on the table in his office.

Feigning indifference to the matter of the fraudulent bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC, Mr. Kovalchuk at the same time asked me to give the folders, which contained many documents and materials about Atommash OJSC and were brought to him personally, to his Deputy – Mikhail Popov. Despite my distrust to Mikhail Kovalchuk, I counted on his “prudence” and hoped that, in the end, a constructive business collaboration in the interests of the state, society and business will prevail over corporate interests of a narrow circle of “privileged Russians”. Thus, I passed the documents and materials to his Deputy. And although Kovalchuk assured me that documents and materials on Atommash OJSC, which I passed to the Institute, will be returned to me on demand at any time, my repeated strong demands to return the documents were ignored by the “functionaries in science”. That prompted me to publish the documents and materials, which I previously gave to the “Kurchatov Institute” National research centre, on www.yaconto.ru and www.yaconto.com.

I have no doubt that the said folders with documents and materials on Atommash OJSC, which I passed to the Institute, found themselves in the hands of people who actively opposed the investigation of the Atommash OJSC bankruptcy case and the restoration of the company’s status quo, as I explained in my numerous appeals to the Supreme power authorities. In the Statement of YACONTO LLC (out. №121009-A01 of 09.10.2012) I have set forth information about anti-state and anti-national activity of officials and their accomplices, who, being irresponsible to the Russian Law, act in the interests of the Russia’s “ruling elite” and their monopoly business partners. In order to provide the international community and public with information about gross violation of my rights and legitimate interests as Russian Citizen and Proprietor of YACONTO LLC, I have published the said Statement and other directly related compromising materials in the “News” section of this website.

Sergey P. Yakunin, President of YACONTO LLC

 07.04.1995 - Protocol №1 of the Meeting of the Board of Directors of ATOMMASH OJSC

 15.06.1995 - Protocol of cooperation between DB SALYUT SRPSC of Khrunichev MV and YACONTO Company

 22.07.1995 - Reconciliation Statement of accounts payable by ATOMMASH OJSC to VB KB DONINVEST

 31.07.1995 - VB KB DONINVEST to the Board of Directors of ATOMMASH OJSC (on accounts payable)

 05.09.1995 - Statement of Board of Directors of ATOMMASH OJSC to Prosecutor of Volgodonsk of RR (RF)

 21.05.1996 - Minister of Atomic Energy of RF Mikhailov VN to Russian State Duma Gusev VK

 31.05.1996 - Notification of DB SALYUT SRPSC of Khrunichev M.V. to UNIKOMBANK and CENTRAL BANK

 19.09.1996 - Governor of Rostov Region Chub VF to FUDN of RF Mostovoy PP (on assets of ATOMMASH OJSC)

 21.01.1997 - Letter of Warranty of the Russian Federal Space Agency for Concern YACONTO JSC

 21.01.1997 - Ministry of Atomic Energy (Russia) to BIDC Corporation (USA)

 28.01.1997 - Order №52 of Minatom of RF (official journey of Dept Head Koryakov GS to UAE)

 05.05.1997 - EMK JSC (Moscow) Stepanov AY to Ministry of Atomic Energy of RF Ryabev LD

 Operational information of European competent authorities on DONINVEST (2000)

 Data on Socio-economical degradation of Rostov region (in 1991-2000)

 28.03.2001 - Security Council of Russia Fradkov ME to Russian Government Khristenko VB (on letter from SD RF)

 22.02.2002 - Report of the Audit Chamber of RF №6(289) to SD RF on bankruptcy of ATOMMASH OJSС (excerpt)

 01.11.2007 - SD RF Kharitonov AN to General Prosecutor of RF Chaika YY (on Mintrans RF and ATOMMASH)

 24.02.2010 - SD RF Lisitsyn AI to Audit Chamber of RF Stepashin SV (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 17.03.2010 - Audit Chamber of RF Piskunov AA to SD RF Lisitsyn AI (bankruptcy of ATOMMASH OJSC)


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