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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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YACONTO Integrated Programme

YACONTO LLC (Russia, Moscow) developed and proposed for implementation the nongovernmental investment YACONTO Integrated Program for the construction, in Tuapse region of Krasnodar territory, of the modern “Commercial Black Sea port YACONTO” (the YACONTO Port) for the transshipment of over 100 million tons of cargo per annum, and a construction of a Tuapse Naval Base as the stationing and repair point for warships and vessels of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, with their common infrastructure.

The YACONTO Port, the TNB and their single infrastructure are to be constructed on a coastal territory of the Shepsie rural area of Tuapse region, in the areas of no touristic or resort importance. Extraction of rock will allow creation of an artificial bay of size and depth required for the TNB water area, and thus solve the problem of finding a place for a “main” or a “reserve” stationing points for the Russian Black Sea Fleet, regardless of whether the agreement for the Black Sea Fleet’s stationing in Sevastopol (Ukraine) will be prolonged after 2017.

Implementation of the large-scale multidisciplinary YACONTO Integrated Program will provide conditions for attracting domestic manufacturers, as a priority, for the supply of 3.5 million tons of metal for the construction of a “Commercial Black Sea port YACONTO” and its infrastructure, as well as multiple bridges, tunnels, rails and sleepers for the railroad, carriages, gondola cars, platforms and cisterns, mass production of 40-foot sea containers, 1500 modern automobiles for the transit of cargo in sea containers through the YACONTO Port, pipes of different diameter, 120 large specialty vessels – commercial, fishing and scientific – for the YACONTO Commercial Fleet, etc.

The extracted rock will be effectively used for: production of cement out of marl contained in the rock; expansion of the Black Sea coastline and creation of constructions protecting the bank from erosion; creation of artificial coastal land for the construction of world class sporting facilities and resorts; creation of a new high-speed highway; relocation of the railroad inland from the Black Sea coast; supplying the objects of the YACONTO Integrated Program and the «Sochi-2014» Winter Olympics construction with raw materials.

Construction of the YACONTO Port and the TNB next to it, within 57 kilometers of the Tuapse city, with their common infrastructure, will provide conditions for: securing socio-economic development of the Tuapse region, Tuapse city, Krasnodar Territory and Russia as a whole; expansion of State companies “Russian Railways” JSC, Oil Company “Rosneft” JSC, Oil Company “Transneft” JSC; Gazprom JSC; solving the problem of the critical environmental situation in the city of Tuapse; drastically improving Russia’s defense and security in the Azov-Black Sea basin, and restore Russia’s influence in the Mediterranean.

The Program will solve the environmental problems of Tuapse, the City of Military Glory, coming from an illegal surge of anthropogenic impact on its residential area, solve the problems of the protection of rights and legitimate interests of Russian citizens living in Tuapse city which falls under the Bucharest Convention «On the protection of the Black Sea from pollution» of 21.04.1992, ratified by the order of the Supreme Soviet of Russian Federation №5614-1 from 12.08.1993 and thereby remove one of the main arguments against the preparation and conduction of XXII Winter Olympics and XI Winter Paralympics in Sochi in 2014.

The YACONTO Integrated Program has many significant advantages over other options of creation of the TNB for the Black Sea Fleet on the Russian coast. It is very well known to the Russian Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russian, and can be taken as a basis. Its most significant benefits include climatic conditions and strategic & operational conditions for stationing of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia, and in particular, in comparison with the previously proposed preliminary plan for a stationing point for the Russian Black Sea Fleet warships in the Tsemess bay. In an article “The Role of the Russian Ministry of Transport in the establishment of the TNB” of 12.12.2008 published on www.yaconto.ru it is reported, for whose benefit the creation of the Novorossiysk naval base (NNB) is being lobbied actively.

S.V. Velichko, the Head of the General Directorate of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the MNR of Russia for Krasnodar Territory, addressed RPC “DIEM” CJSC (Moscow), asking to provide a preliminary ecological conclusion for the construction of the “YACONTO Port” with its infrastructure. Having reviewed the materials, RPC “DIEM” CJSC replied to YACONTO (ref. D/580 on 05.08.2003), offering its participation in the environmental maintenance of the YACONTO Integrated Program on the territory of Krasnodar Territory and in the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources. RPC “DIEM” CJSC is a company that carries out environmental maintenance of major projects of Gazprom JSC and other companies.

YACONTO LLC developed a fundamentally new scheme for attraction of major investment of resources, extrabudgetary funds, targeted government loans and other forms of financing for the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program. Attraction of financial resources will be carried out on a competitive basis among organizations that have proper credentials, capabilities and warranty, providing a balance of interests for the business and the state.

Construction of the large “YACONTO Port” fully corresponds to the construction of a new 4560 km long waterway canal in Turkey, along the narrowest section of existing water transport artery through the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles. This will dramatically increase the capacity of maritime transport and thereby increase the volume of transit goods, reduce the delivery time and provide significant economic benefits to all stakeholders.

The YACONTO Integrated Program is supported, on highest level, by the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and its leading institutes, which confirmed their readiness to participate directly in the scientific justification, maintenance and implementation of this Program.

Major construction, industrial and financial companies of Germany, Spain, France, Italy, England, USA, Turkey, UAE, South Korea, Russia and other states have indicated their interest and willingness to participate in the complete funding, design, construction, equipping with modern high-tech equipment and in the joint exploitation of the “YACONTO Port” and its production, transport and social infrastructure on favorable terms developed and proposed by the YACONTO LLC.

However, former and current heads of the Ministry of Transport of Russia alike, having turned their ministry into an instrument of protection of corporate interests of their “business partners”, have been actively opposing the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program since 2001. The following example perfectly illustrates such behavior of the MinTrans officials. At 17 PM on 22.10.2001 YACONTO received a phone call from the Ministry of Transport of Russia and suggested that a representative of YACONTO urgently attends the meeting scheduled for 12 AM on 23.10.2001 by the deputy Minister of Transport of Russia V.I. Yakunin to review the program for creation of a New Black Sea Commercial Port (NBSCP) in Tuapse region of Krasnodar Territory developed by YACONTO LLC. Because of that, the Report of the President of YACONTO LLC was written at night of 22 to 23 October on the basis of available data and registered in V.I. Yakunin’s reception (out. №VYA-10/773 from 23.10.2001). But V.I. Yakunin wasn’t present on the meeting.

Organizers of the “event” who prepared their “variant” of the Protocol of the meeting on 23.10.2001 in advance, did not expect YACONTO LLC to manage to prepare the report under such tough deadlines and to be able to convince the majority of the participants to support the Program of YACONTO LLC. The “draft” Protocol of the meeting prepared by the “action men” of MinTrans of Russia referred to the Tuapse city instead of Tuapse region as the construction site for the NBSCP. The way the “authorized representative” of Russian Ministry of Transport N.I. Khvoschinskiy conducted the meeting and what kind of anti-state position he took is described in the letters of YACONTO LLC to the Minister of Transport of Russia S.O. Frank (out. №1-11112 from 12.11.2001) and his “successor” I.E. Levitin (out. №1-40902 on 02.09.2004).

To date, the officials of the Russian Ministry of Transport have not provided YACONTO LLC with a signed Protocol of the meeting in the Ministry of 23.10.2001 with a corrected text, and were never held accountable for an intentional substitution they made in the text regarding the place for the construction of an NBSCP, proposed by YACONTO LLC and generally supported by the leadership of the Administration of Krasnodar and Tuapse district.

An episode with the letter from YACONTO LLC to Russian President Vladimir Putin (out. №1-50108 on 08.01.2005 with attached 240 documents on 569 pages) is another example of an improper behavior of officials. The letter and extra materials for the YACONTO Integrated Program were received by the chief of the Russian President’s Expert Department, Arkady Dvorkovich. Unwilling to provide a preliminary assessment to the Program personally, he diverted all the materials to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia, which never came back with a proper answer or returned the documents. But all the R&D and design works contained in the YACONTO materials found themselves in the hands of the functionaries of the Russian Ministry of Transport, who cynically used them for their own benefit.

No less indicative fact of an explicit opposition to the YACONTO Integrated Program is something started recently by the heads of the Russian Ministry of Transport – lobbying of the construction of a “Southern freight port”, also known as the South Cargo Area of the TTP at the budget’s expense to mislead the uninitiated officials, including senior executives of the country, and cover up the fraud planned by the Russian MinTrans («Sea ports» magazine, №4 (62) 2007, page 14). In reality, the  “Southern freight port” was planned to be constructed not in the area of the Tuapse city, but on the territory of the Tuapse region, and exactly on the same site which has been proposed by YACONTO LLC for the construction of the «YACONTO Port». At the same time mountainous terrain of the coastline, large depths and natural and climatic conditions turned out to be favorable factors for the «Southern freight port», while for the «YACONTO Port» the very same factors were cynically and hypocritically deemed unacceptable and highly expensive by “rustlers” from the MinTrans of Russia. More detailed information about tricks played by officials of MinTrans can be found in the Letter of YACONTO LLC to President of Russia V.V. Putin (out. №80116-1 from 16.01.2008) which was concealed from him.

According to competent Russian scientists, there is a deposit of oil in the town of Tuapse which formed an oil lens in the waters of the Tuapse trade seaport. Since 1991, illegal extraction of oil from the lens took place without any Russian license for usage of the subsoil and for the development of this field. Collection of oil was explained by the presence of an oil spill “...of unknown origin”. The extracted oil was a source of income for the “gray” business. General Director of “RN-Tuapsenefteproduct” LLC S.A. Yarovenko, his “business partners”, officials from local and federal authorities and their patrons are involved in this illegal activity

It is no accident that Yarovenko, at the time the Second secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Tuapse left his party work for an economic assignment and headed the Tuapse oil tanks for a long time, switching political allegiances all the time for the sake of selfish short-term considerations. In order to give some semblance of legitimacy to their illegal business and its coverage by the high leadership of Russia, and in order to prevent the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program, the OCG participants organized, and utilized in their personal interests, Russian President Putin’s visit to the little coastal town Tuapse on 06.09.2005 and the visit of Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Defense of Russia S.B. Ivanov on 21.09.2006. Oil which was being “collected” from the lens for more than 30 years and pumped by 16 pumps located on the territory of “RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt” LLC is state property and subject to control – but has never been accounted. Instead, it should be officially extracted by Oil Company “Rosneft” JSC, processed by “RN – Tuapse Oil Refinery” LLC and then sold, bringing revenue to the state, shareholders, the city of Tuapse and the Tuapse region, ensuring their socio-economic development.

Having familiarized himself with many documents and materials of the YACONTO Integrated Program, President of the International league for the defense of human dignity and security, General of the Army, Hero of the Soviet Union, Deputy of the Russian State Duma of IV convocation V.I. Varennikov has addressed the Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia S.M. Mironov, suggesting to support this Program. S.M. Mironov assigned the review of the YACONTO Integrated Program to the Chairman of the Commission for National Marine Policy of the Federation Council V.A. Popov (Admiral in reserve), who organized the so-called “offsite session” of the commission in Tuapse city on 21.03.2007. At this “improvised meeting” chaired by senator V.A. Popov, who conspired with the management of the Russian Ministry of Transport, the personally interested opponents of the YACONTO Integrated Program groundlessly stated that Russia does not have and is not expected to have the cargo transshipment volumes necessary for the «YACONTO Port», although this is completely contrary to known projected growth in freight traffic and the order of the President of Russia to double the gross domestic product (GDP) by 2010.

Russia’s GDP can grow another 3 times by 2020, which will increase the volume of transportation and handling of own and transit goods. In addition, the “orators”, prepared in advance by the organizers of the “offsite session”, allegedly acting on behalf of the state, unreasonably argued that there is no need to create a TNB in Tuapse city or Tuapse region, as the Russian Black Sea Fleet will not be withdrawn from Sevastopol, and even if it is going to happen, the Novorossiysk naval base (NNB) provides more than enough free space for the BSF warships. A person who showed exceptional eloquence attacking the YACONTO Integrated Program at the “meeting” was a friend of V.A. Popov – O.M. Tolkachev, Chairman of the Committee on housing and communal services of the Federation Council, who lost his position of the First Deputy Mayor of Moscow for a good reason. Senator Tolkachev’s participation in the “offsite meeting” of 21.03.2007 was not accidental either.

One of the reasons for active lobbying of the establishment of an NNB in Tsemess bay was to exclude the possibility to establish a TNB on the territory of the Tuapse Trade Port, in the city of Tuapse or in Tuapse region. Thus, to the detriment of economic development and defense of Russia, everything is being done to prevent the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program for the  construction of the YACONTO Port and the creation of a TNB with their common infrastructure, as the Program is not in line with the selfish interests of the owners of certain industrial and transport enterprises of the city of Tuapse and their “patrons”.

Senator V.A. Popov and his supporters, patrons and benefactors are fully aware of tragic consequences of the “bora winds” (capable of turning over ships and vessels, a phenomenon that was very well known even in Ancient Greece, Roman and Byzantine Empires), openness of the terrain, passage of ammunition through the Novorossiysk city and other factors disadvantageous and perilous to Black Sea Fleet warships. Such dangerous situations have been reported by the Head of Administration (Governor) of the Krasnodar Territory A.N. Tkachev to the Russian Prime Minister M.M. Kasyanov (out. №1-01/719 from 09.12.2002) several years before an erroneous decision to construct the NNB as the main BSF base in Southern Russia, lobbied by the “interested parties” to the detriment of the defense and national security, was made.

Instead of admitting their mistakes to the Supreme Commander of the Russian Armed Forces and making amendments, opponents of the TNB even today continue to actively promote the inconvenient, vulnerable and unpromising NNB. Unlike the former Commander of the Russian Northern Fleet Admiral V.A. Popov (who escaped trial and punishment for improper commitment of the Northern Fleet to naval exercises and the loss of the “Kursk” nuclear submarine with all hands), former Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet Admiral V.P. Komoedov, currently Deputy of the Russian State Duma, took a principled position to support the YACONTO Integrated Program. To please his patrons and benefactors, senator V.A. Popov suggested to remove Soviet symbols from the Victory Banner of the Great Patriotic War, raised by the Red Army soldiers on the Reichstag building in Berlin in 1945. But Russian people and the world community stood against this sycophantic decision of this cynic and hypocrite.

The Russian Ministry of Transport conceals catastrophic environmental conditions in Tuapse from the supreme leadership of the country, since the OCG members would have had to answer for economic and ecological crimes they committed. The materials – not widely advertised – of the “offsite meeting” of 21.03.2007 of the Commission for National Marine Policy of the Federation Council in Tuapse city include facts concealed from the investigation – evidence of the existence of an “oil lens” in the TTP water area, from which 1.5 million tons of crude oil was collected; a number of valid questions – where is the oil coming from, who appropriates it, where does he sell it to and at what price – are being hushed up.

Organizers of the so called “offsite meeting”, being in cahoots with the heads of MinTrans of Russia, killed two birds with one stone: covered the criminal activities of the OCG members responsible for the environmental catastrophe in Tuapse city, and executed the “order” for discrediting YACONTO LLC in order to prevent the construction of the YACONTO Port and an establishment of a modern TNB with their common infrastructure in Tuapse region. More information about this so called “offsite meeting” of the questionable Commission led by V.A. Popov is described in the Letter of YACONTO LLC to the Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia Sergey Mironov (out. №1-70416 of 16.04.2007) and other appeals.

The Letter also says that corrupt officials of different level and their “business partners” stepped up their activities to discredit YACONTO LLC, seize its ideas and intellectual property, depersonalize the YACONTO Integrated Program, split it into fragments and seize them one by one. One striking example is the aforesaid decision of the “offsite meeting” of the Commission for National Marine Policy of the Federation Council of 21.03.2007 in the town of Tuapse, which is directly contrary to the interests of socio-economic development and contrary to solving environmental problems of Tuapse city and Tuapse region, as well as contrary to solving the key problem of defense and security Russia in the Azov-Black Sea basin. This decision is a result of anti-state activities of the OCG members who put their personal interests above the public.

Reasoned mass protests and constructive suggestions of the city’s residents are being constantly ignored, as the public of Tuapse informed various authorities, as well as the Russian Academy of Sciences (out. №41 of 28.05.2007), the Russian State Duma (out. №63 of 02.05.2008) and the “International league for human dignity and security” (out. 71 of 03.06.2008). In numerous appeals, city’s residents fully support the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program which proposes to withdraw all environmentally hazardous and polluting industrial and transport facilities from Tuapse and relocate them to a new modern industrial zone in an uninhabited area within 5–7 kilometers from the city and from the Black Sea coast.

The Message of the Russian President V.V. Putin to the Federal Assembly of 26.04.2007 points out that Russia is a major maritime power, and as such must have a developed sea shipping market, so it is necessary to develop domestic shipbuilding industry and build modern sea ports for the transportation and transshipment of goods, which are still going through foreign ports, causing large economical losses to the State. For many years V.V. Putin demanded that the Government takes steps to remedy the situation, but these President’s demands were never met. He also stressed the necessuty for urgent adoption of investment programs for development of Russian ports, resolving the issue of registration of land for the creation of port infrastructure by 2007, and adoption of a law on the establishment of port areas with preferential tax treatment.

Today, like in 2001, the officials of MinTrans groundlessly claim that the transshipment volume of 100 million tons as per the YACONTO List of Projects of 09.05.2005 is, allegedly, unsubstantiated. Thus, they deliberately deny huge deficits of existing port facilities in Southern Russia, deny the substantial annual growth in Russia’s GDP and resist the requirements to urgently adopt investment programs for the development of sea ports already in 2007 year, specified in the Message of the President of Russia to the Federal Assembly of 26.04.2007. In order to oppose the YACONTO Integrated Program, officials of MinTrans deceive the Russian Government and try to rally as many allies as they can to their side, creating a web of mutual responsibility for officials who must sit on a dock for treason instead of their comfortable chairs. Functionaries of the MinTrans are not held accountable to the state and its citizens for the inefficient use of huge budgets, for dramatically increased volume of unfinished construction objects (13.3 times) and for the final results of their “productive” – or rather, criminal activity.

Confident about their complete impunity, officials of MinTrans sent to YACONTO LLC, state authorities, different organizations and agencies composed careless formal replies which had nothing to do with reality and contradicted each other. At the same time it was found that Deputy Ministers of Transport S.A. Aristov and A.S. Misharin (Levitin’s active “companions”) entrusted the preparation of “custom” formal replies to the same trustees – V.M. Gavrikov and P.Y. Kamyshin, who were ready to violate the law for the will of his “masters” and personal gains. Detailed information about the tricks of MinTrans of Russia can be found in the Letter of YACONTO LLC to President of Russia V.V. Putin (out. №80116-1 from 16.01.2008) which was concealed from him.

Former and current officials of MinTrans alike cynically and hypocritically lured YACONTO LLC into colossal unjustified expenses on development and coordination with state authorities (more specifically, with their “team”) of design documentation, including feasibility studies, for several options of the construction of nongovernmental objects of the YACONTO Integrated Program. In parallel, the functionaries of the MinTrans of Russia did everything they could to compromise the Program and prevent its implementation. The true reason for the pushback demonstrated by the officials of the Ministry of Transport is that they see their participation in the Program only in the possibility to extort exorbitant kickbacks for endless alignments, permissions and signatures on numerous documents required by them for the Program’s preparation.

The MinTrans officials are well aware of the fundamental impracticability of their obsolete departmental instructions that are contrary to the applicable legislation and the interests of the state. One such example is the requirement to submit agreed documents for preparatory and pre-project work for the implementation of the projects included in the non-state YACONTO Integrated Program which is worth an equivalent of 600 billion rubles in investments. In order to prepare the documents required by the Russian Ministry of Transport, one must first spend, at his own risk, not less than 1% of the total planned investment, i.e. 6 billion rubles, without warranty of any kind on the part of irresponsible corrupt officials and their “business partners”.

Those “rustlers” also clearly attempted to steal the ideas and researches of the YACONTO Integrated Program and fragmentation of its interrelated projects as per the YACONTO List of Projects of 09.05.2005. In 2005–2007, Russian Minister of Transport Igor Levitin presented those projects to the country’s leadership as something developed by his Ministry, his “patrimony”, a “generator of big ideas” he was entrusted with. In Russia it is almost impossible to ‘catch the hand’ of officials of such rank as deceitful, cynical and hypocritical Levitin and his deputies. In order to prove their illegal activity one must check not their “grand-scale projects” camouflaged to resemble something corresponding to the State’s interest (which they commercialize via mass media) and not their formal reports to the Russian President, Prime Minister, Federation Council and the State Duma, but the negative consequences that arose during the period of their management of the Ministry of Transport of Russia as their own fiefdom. It is in the interests of the state to test those “activists” and their team members on a lie detector, for which 300 questions have already been prepared. The prime candidates for that are officials engulfed in mutual responsibility as well as the former Russian Minister of Transport S.O. Frank, his First Deputy Minister V.V. Ruksha and Deputy Minister N.D. Negodov. That would have been a great start for a true, large-scale fight against corruption in Russia.

In the spring of 2006 Russian President Vladimir Putin told the media about the possibility of hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. It turned out to be sufficient for an immediate initiation of large-scale governmental funding for work associated with participation in the competition and preparation for the Olympic Winter Games “SOCHI-2014”. Management of the Russian Ministry of Transport did not demand that the President provides an approved Federal target program and funds for its implementation, Declaration (Petition) letter of intent for the construction of facilities for the Olympic Winter Games “SOCHI-2014” and in general any documents on the interrelated and complementary projects, such as the transfer of a railroad branch from the Black Sea coast to an optimal Tuapse - Adler route into the Krasnodar Territory and the construction of a high-speed multi-lane highway parallel to it, as proposed by YACONTO LLC.

In addition, the management of MinTrans did not inform the Russian President of the copyright they perfectly knew about; copyright on the above-mentioned projects proposed for construction by YACONTO LLC and approved in the Administration of Krasnodar Territory on 07.04.2004, included in the YACONTO Integrated Program and specified in the YACONTO List of Projects of 09.05.2005. Those projects are of particular importance for socio-economic development of Krasnodar Territory, as well as the defense and national security of Russia in the Azov-Black Sea basin. Thus, the cynical leaders of Russian Ministry of Transport are doing everything possible to hush the talks about the YACONTO Integrated Program and disrupt its implementation, since the funding is planned to come not from the “bottomless” for the MinTrans budget, but rather from extrabudgetary sources and other Russian and foreign investment funds, out of reach and control of the army of corrupt officials eager to plunder it.

Hypocritical statements of the Russian MinTrans that YACONTO LLC never sent an official request to the Russian Ministry of Transport to review and issue an opinion on the Declaration (Petition) of intent of building a new commercial seaport, do not correspond to reality. Already back in 2002 YACONTO LLC has sent a Declaration, with duplicate messages, from 12.11.2002 (out. №1-21204 from 04.12.2002) of an intent to construct a «Commercial Black Sea port YACONTO» with an Explanatory Note, Scheme of the general plan of the «YACONTO Port» and other documents to MinTrans of Russia, Ministry of Railways of Russia, Ministry of Energy of Russia, Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, the Russian Defense Ministry, State Committee for Construction of Russia, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Science, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia, Ministry of Finance of Russia, Russia Ministry of Property and the Head of Administration of Krasnodar Territory. At the same time the MinTrans has never responded to the above-mentioned letter and never provided an official estimate of the Declaration presented to them and developed by design enterprise FSUE CRIST “Soyuzproektverf” (St. Petersburg).

Numerous replies (better to say, come-offs) of different ministries and agencies, prepared with direct influence of the MinTrans of Russia, contain knowingly false information. Instead of "Tuapse region", their formal replies refer to the place for the construction of the “Commercial Black Sea port YACONTO” as “Tuapse city district”, the territory of which has nothing to do with the YACONTO Port. Their replies also imply that YACONTO LLC ignores the existing routine of expert evaluation of efficiency for major investment projects and pushes for the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program with the help of an administrative resourced. What they “forget” to mention is that the nongovernmental Program has already been reviewed by different expertise organizations at the request of federal authorities and has been supported by the Administration of Krasnodar Territory and of Tuapse region, of which documented evidence exists. The term “administrative resource” is also being misinterpreted, since YACONTO LLC needs it to attract investors on conditions beneficial for the business and the state according to the developed schemes, and not for obtaining any financial resources under the state’s warranty.

The narrow specialization of the staff of Russian Ministry of Transport and departmental instructions developed for the benefit of the officials of the Ministry and its agencies do not allow a proper assessment of the multi-industrial YACONTO Integrated Program which consists of interrelated and complementary projects that are out of MinTrans’s control. For the functionaries of the MinTrans, the fact that directors of world-renowned institutions of the Russian Academy of Sciences support the YACONTO Integrated Program, is not credible and meaningful enough. And that’s while the latter are all academicians of RAS as well as Doctors of Technical and Economic Sciences.

Corrupt officials need only those state programs which are implemented at the expense of budget funds. This allows them to first obtain a lion’s share of budget funds, and then privatize the constructed facilities for next to nothing via figureheads, thus dealing great material damage to the state and people. The corrupt functionaries do not need the Tuapse Naval Base as a part of the YACONTO Integrated Program, because its construction, as well as the construction of the YACONTO Port would not require budgetary funds and state guarantees for financing, and therefore, an opportunity to plunder the state treasury is excluded. And that’s while the TNB would have become the federal property, and would have been solving the same task together with the Sevastopol Naval Base (Ukraine) of the Black Sea Fleet.

Active opposition to the YACONTO Integrated Program and intentional bankruptcies of the Russian nuclear engineering flagship Atommash OJSC (which could produce over 1000 kinds of new items) and the industrial defense enterprise Salut JSC (which produced special items of electronic warfare and electronic intelligence for surface ships and submarines of the Russian Navy) are links in the same chain of anti-state activities, where the main actors and the “puppet masters” who deliberately destroyed and continue to destroy industry, agriculture and science - and thereby the economy, security and statehood of Russia, are the same OCG participants.

In November 2000, YACONTO LLC addressed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin (out. №3/13-11-PYA from 13.11.2000), asking to support the YACONTO Integrated Program for the construction of a new commercial seaport in Tuapse region of Krasnodar Territory and an establishment of a naval base in the area of the Tuapse Trade Port. In 2001, in his letter to the Russian Defense Minister S.B. Ivanov (out. №707/T-4641 from 02.12.2001) the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy V.I. Kuroedov mentioned that the Integrated Program was supported by V.V. Putin. According to the Terms of Reference of YACONTO LLC, Design Enterprise “Soyuzproektverf” of the Federal state unitary enterprise “Central Research Institute for Shipbuilding Technologies” (FSUE CRIST, St. Petersburg) has developed a Declaration (Petition) of 12.11.2002 of intent to construct the “Commercial Black Sea port YACONTO” in Tuapse region of Krasnodar Territory with an Explanatory Note and the Scheme of the general plan of the “YACONTO Port”. The Interdepartmental Committee for allocation of productive forces in the Tuapse region of Krasnodar Territory supported this Declaration on 20.02.2003. The Head of Administration of Krasnodar Territory A.N. Tkachev has supported the YACONTO Integrated Program in general in his letter to YACONTO LLC (out. №1-02/447 from 20.08.2003). The representative meeting of the Administration of Krasnodar Territory of 07.04.2004 that took place at the order of A.N. Tkachev, also supported the Program and confirmed its relevance, which has also been mentioned in the letter from the Head of the Tuapse region V.V. Koshel to the Administration of Krasnodar Territory and to YACONTO LLC (out. №03-1/567 from 21.04.2004). The necessity to implement the Integrated Program has been confirmed by the Expert Conclusion of the Federal State Enterprise "Research institute - Republican research scientific-consulting center of expertise" (FSE RI RSCCE, Moscow) of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia from 02.08.2004 and the Analytical note of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Ministry of Defense of 27.01.2005 prepared by the request of the Adviser to the President of Russia A.G. Burutin. In his letter (out. №729/15/1505 of 12.12.2005) Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy V.V. Masorin informed YACONTO LLC of the plans for establishment of the Tuapse Naval Base as the main basing and repair point for the Russian Black Sea Fleet warships and vessels near Tuapse city. In the letter it was also mentioned that in 2007–2009 there were plans to conduct an analysis and adjustments to the Federal target program “Creation of the Black Sea Fleet basing system on the territory of Russian Federation in years 20052020” taking into consideration the proposals of YACONTO LLC. In his letters to the Chairman of the Russian State Duma B.V. Gryzlov (ref. №3.14-22/595 from 04.06.2004), to the Deputy Chief of the Presidential Executive Office – Aide to the President of Russia I.I. Sechin (out. №3.14-25/497 from 11.04.2005) and to YACONTO LLC (out. №3.14-30/1368 from 07.11.2006) the Chairman of the Defense Committee of the State Duma V.M. Zavarzin also confirmed relevance and necessity of implementation of the large-scale and multi-industrial YACONTO Integrated Program of federal importance. The Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Russia - First Deputy Minister of Defense Y.N. Baluyevsky has also expressed his interest in the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program in his letters to the Advisor to the President of Russia A.G. Burutin (out. №205/11777 from 27.10.2004) and to YACONTO LLC (out. №205/13822 from 07.12.2004).

Main consultants in the preparation of the naval part of the YACONTO Integrated Program were: V.I. Varennikov (President of the International League for human dignity and security, General of Army, Hero of the Soviet Union, Deputy of the State Duma of IV Convocation), I.M. Kapitanets (Admiral of the Fleet of Russia, former First Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet Navy, Chairman of the Maritime section of the Academy of Military Sciences of the Russian Ministry of Defense, member of the Presidium of the Academy of Military Sciences), V.P. Komoedov (Admiral, former Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, Deputy of the State Duma of V convocation), G.A. Suchkov (Admiral, former Commander of the Northern Fleet, Advisor to the Russian Minister of Defense), V.F. Dorogin (Vice-Admiral, Deputy of the State Duma of III convocation), N.V. Zharinov (Counter Admiral, Professor, Department of the Navy Operational Art of the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry).

Major assistance in the support of the YACONTO Integrated Program was provided by: V.V. Dementsev (former Minister of Finance of USSR, Chairman of the State Bank of the USSR), A.N. Kharitonov (Lieutenant General, former Head of the Omsk Police Academy, Vice Chairman of the Committee of State Duma for constitutional legislation and State building, IV convocation), V.V. Varennikov (Lieutenant General, currently President of the International League for human dignity and security), V.B. Shestakov (Deputy of the State Duma of IV  VI convocations), A.I. Lisitsyn (former Governor of Yaroslav region, Deputy of the Russian State Duma of V convocation, currently Member of the Federation Council of Russian Federation).

On 12.12.2001 the Commander-in-Chief of Russian Navy, Admiral of the Fleet V.I. Kuroedov informed YACONTO LLC that Russian President V.V. Putin supported the YACONTO Integrated Program. At the meeting it was decided to coordinate the activities of YACONTO LLC and the Russian Navy, including the implementation of infrastructure projects. YACONTO LLC still continues to execute these arrangements, securing the interests of the state, in good faith.

Today YACONTO LLC retains real proposals for complete funding of the large-scale YACONTO Integrated Program coming from major international organizations and companies, on long-term conditions beneficial for all parties. This program would provide synergistic and multiplicative effect in Russia and abroad. More details about the Program can be found in the YACONTO Explanatory Note of 09.05.2008 to the YACONTO List of Projects of 09.05.2005.

YACONTO Integrated Program, as well as the program for the “SOCHI-2014” XXII Winter Olympics and XI Winter Paralympics should be implemented with an administrative support from the Supreme leadership of the state. That is why the organizational scheme of the YACONTO Integrated Program requires a Decree issued by the President of Russia and a Resolution of the Russian Government, which de-facto will be a warranty protecting investments. It will help overcome bureaucratic resistance of the officials in order to implement the YACONTO Integrated Program in the interests of the state and the business. The implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program will solve various socio-economic problems in the country’s South and provide multiplicative effect in Russia and beyond.

Torrential rain of 08.02.2011 on the federal highway M27 (Dzhubga - Tuapse - Sochi) near the city of Tuapse caused a strong landslide that damaged a section of road, disrupting the connection between the coastal towns and cities of the Krasnodar Territory. Similar facts have occurred within a few days on other segments of the M27 highway. Flow of cars on the “federal serpentine” was paralyzed in both directions. Delivery of goods and materials for the “Sochi-2014” Winter Olympics construction through motor transport was completely blocked. If the implementation of the nongovernmental YACONTO Integrated Program hadn’t been disrupted by the “criminals” – corrupt officials from the Ministry of Transport – construction and commissioning of a modern multi-lane highway from the town Goryachy Klyuch through Tuapse district and the city of Sochi to the border with Georgia would have prevented a catastrophic situation and the negative consequences.

Nongovernmental YACONTO Integrated Program fully corresponds to the Strategy of socio-economic development of Russia to 2020 and beyond. It’s not the funding that is required in order to implement this unprecedented Program, but a principal decision to support it on highest level of administrative power. More information and documents will only be published on this website.

 Russian Academy of Sciences about YACONTO Integrated Program