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A video about ATOMMASH OJSC (English)

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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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YACONTO LLC (Russia, Moscow) is open for mutually beneficial partnership. Please familiarize yourselves with Projects and Programs we are currently carrying out.  If you believe any of those are within the sphere of interests and influence of your Company, please contact us at yaconto@yaconto.com



Supreme leadership of Russia has created an army of bureaucrats and tightly bound them by “mutual protection”, which prevents the formation of a civilized business and civilized competition in the country. Russian laws make it impossible to bring the corrupt “bureaucratic brotherhood” and their accomplices who serve the interests of the “ruling elite” and their monopoly business partners. Having instituted “bureaucratic capitalism” in Russia, its Supreme leadership deprived the State and its Citizens of their future. No matter how diligently the people from the “inner circle” try to hide their negative activity, in the age of breakthrough science and technology it is practically impossible, and the most carefully hidden truth will sooner or later leak through. Hence, the “actors” from the Supreme leadership of Russia will inevitably pay the full price for their criminal anti-state and antisocial activity.

The usurpation of power in Russia has led to the fact that “bureaucratic brotherhood” does not intend to serve the interests of the State at all, not to mention the Citizens of Russia. The events that took place in March 2012 are a good example.

My business partner from the United Kingdom suggested that we address the Russian Ambassador in the UK, Mr. Alexander Yakovenko, asking him to organize a meeting with a group of western businessmen in the Embassy, to discuss matters of implementation of economical investment Projects and Programs, included in the promising multidisciplinary YACONTO International Program, with a total value of 1.3 Trillion U.S. dollars. In order to stress the importance of this meeting for Russia itself and the International business, YACONTO LLC sent a Letter (out. №120313-A01 of 13.03.2012) to Vasily Shestakov, the Deputy of the Russian State Duma, who operatively faxed an according Letter (out. №52-VSH of 13.03.2012) to Russian Ambassador Yakovenko.

The way the situation evolved around the official letter of Vasily Shestakov, a member of Russian Parliament, is described in the Letter of YACONTO LLC of 28.03.2012 that I emailed to my shocked business partner in the UK. Such attitude, humiliating and disrespectful not only to foreign investors and the citizens of their own country, but also to the State itself, shows that Russian Ambassador in the UK Alexander Yakovenko has no moral right  to occupy such an important position in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hiding behind some official instructions, this cynical hypocrite and “exemplars” like him have dealt, and continue dealing colossal damage to the once Great Power by their actions in the foreign affairs area. More information can be found in the documents found below and on www.yaconto.com, as well as in the YACONTO LLC's accusational Statement to Russian President Vladimir Putin (out. №121009-A01 of 09.10.2012).

 Sergey P. Yakunin, President of YACONTO LLC


 19.08.2011 - YACONTO LLC to a UK partner (on business partnership)

 06.09.2011 - YACONTO LLC to a UK partner (on business partnership)

 13.03.2012 - YACONTO LLC to SD RF Shestakov VB (regarding support of YACONTO IP)

 13.03.2012 - SD RF Shestakov VB to Ambassador of RF in UK Yakovenko AV

 13.03.2012 - YACONTO LLC to a UK business partner (ZZ-19-SP-01) eng-rus

 28.03.2012 - YACONTO LLC to a UK business partner (ZZ-19-SP-05) eng-rus

 20.06.2012 - YACONTO LLC to a UK business partner (ZZ-19-SP-06) eng-rus





YACONTO LLC is currently preparing for series of events in mid-term perspective. Stay tuned to our website.