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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Project-A: restoration of the status quo of ATOMMASH OJSC

YACONTO LLC (Moscow, Russia) has developed Project-A which implies Russia's participation in the decision-making for reclaiming its lost property, illegally seized in 1995 - 1999 as a result of premeditated bankruptcy processed in the said time. The State itself had not controlled its property which has been deliberately devaluated and repeatedly sold out at low prices. This led to a drastic increase in debt for Atommash OJSC and as a result, the company was forcibly liquidated on 25.11.1999. As a result of the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC the State has lost a 30% share of the company it had owned.

Concern YACONTO JSC (Moscow, Russia) owned 28.5% of Atommash OJSC. Hence, as a result of the bankruptcy of the colossus of Russian nuclear engineering, Concern YACONTO JSC, as well as the State, lost its property. YACONTO LLC is the full and the only legal successor of Firm YACONTO LLP, Trade House YACONTO SE and YACONTO CJSC.

Grounds for investigating the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC are set by the inspection materials of the Audit Chamber of Russia 3.11-21/1312 from 21.10.2000, conducted on behalf of the Committee for industry, construction, transport and high-end technologies of the State Duma of Russia. This inspection resulted in a Regulation of the College of the Audit Chamber of Russia №6(289) from 22.02.2002. The inspection found that, with the complicity of corrupted State officials, Atommash OJSC and its shareholders suffered enormous material damage. Bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC was carried out in the interest of EMK-Atommash JSC, generated on the premises of the former. EMK-Atommash inherited all basic production facilities and liquid assets of Atommash OJSC. The need for investigating the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC has been confirmed by a number of Commissions originating from the highest State authorities in order to restore the rule of law in the country.

The implementation of Project-A will provide a successful solution of problems and challenges faced by Russia in the interests of the state, society and business. It will restore the status quo of Atommash OJSC and bring back 30% of its shares to the State, as well as ensure payment of all its debts to third parties and oblige the guilty to compensate for the inflicted damage. The State will accumulate the controlling stake in Atommash OJSC through exchanging the 28.5% interest owned by YACONTO LLC for property agreed with investors and partners. The interest in Atommash OJSC accumulated by the State, and other assets may be transferred to an appropriate trust authorized by the state to carry out the development of nuclear engineering in Russia and abroad.

Shares of Atommash OJSC owned by YACONTO LLC can be traded to the State, under a bilateral agreement, for: money, real estate (land, buildings, factories), communications and shares in enterprises, companies, securities and other assets and means.

Based on the assets received by YACONTO LLC through settlements with the State, YACONTO JSC will be established, involving partners and investors through the sale and/or transfer of stock (shares) of assets belonging to YACONTO JSC. The following conditions will apply for the sale or barter of stock (shares) of the assets: supplying assets with modern equipment, advanced technology and providing access to markets of goods and services that will be created by the said assets on the basis of strategic marketing. Those interested in YACONTO JSC’s establishment and sustainability in the long term will become its shareolders. The group that will establish YACONTO JSC will be comprised of those individuals and companies that assist in executing Project-A to restore the status quo of Atommash OJSC and a in a selection of investment property (assets) for settlements between the State and YACONTO LLC.

Successful execution of the Project-A will guarantee maximal effectiveness in the implementation of the YACONTO International Program that includes some of the most promising projects and programs in the world. Investors and partners of YACONTO LLC with real capabilities in different industries of Asia, Africa, Europe, North and Latin America, Middle East as well as in former USSR republics (now independent states) will participate in the Program. YACONTO International Program will provide its participants with independence from the monopolist’s pressure on exporters, transit states and consumers of hydrocarbons.

YACONTO International Program is a multi-branch, multi-profile program. It embraces multiple industries – energy resources, transportation, space, medicine, bio-technologies, etc. However, sharing the detailed information about projects, programs and participants in the YACONTO International Program is premature for a number of objective reasons. Foremost among them is violation of law in Russia by the corrupt officials, whose activities are accompanied by sheer lawlessness. Setting obstacles and constraints for the nongovernmental investment YACONTO Integrated Program, which has been offered much greater amounts of funding from the foreign partners of YACONTO LLC than required according to preliminary calculations, is just one of such examples.

All projects and sub-programs of the YACONTO International Program complement each other synergistically, which ensures effective economic development of the previously mentioned assets and their infrastructure in the interests of all states and businesses participating in the Program. For the successful implementation of the Program, participants will attract the world's leading companies of the developed states. Know-how methods of financial accounts are planned to be introduced in order to reach maximal efficiency.