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Площади «Атоммаша» составляли около 6 млн. кв. м. На его территории могли бы разместиться 500 Миланских кафедральных соборов.

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When to expect the reform of Russian MOI? ↓


Reforming of the Russian Ministry of Interior (MOI) should be started by renaming the law enforcers from militia to police, as this would correspond to their, status, position and the realities of the time. By definition, militia means irregular armed groups formed of volunteers, which are not part of the official system of law enforcement bodies, whilst the police are a system of public services for the protection of public order and the fight against crime. The main functions of the militia are to protect life, health, civil rights, the interests of society and the state. But these functions are characteristic to the police, too. The reforming of the Russian MOI must provide for adjustment of management schemes and filtering of the entire staff. As per the words of the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, the militia ranks enlist more than 1.4 million employees, but the official mass media speak about 2 millions. It is crucial to cleanse the ranks of this agency, removing those who discredit the law enforcement agencies of Russia. The Law should clearly define the powers of the policemen and functions of the Russian MOI.

In order to improve the performance of the law enforcement bodies drastically, the salaries of the staff must be significantly increased, together with performance bonuses, decent benefits package and provision of modern comfortable accommodation. Only then will the police staff have real incentive to treat their work as a duty to the state and society, and not as a highwayman business. So far, lawlessness reigns in the law enforcement agencies; corruption and mutual protection flourish, dealing colossal damage to the economy and the social sphere, which impacts the country’s citizens. Therefore, the “werewolves in uniform” should be fought ruthlessly, with complete confiscation of property, illegally acquired and seized by them. It is also necessary to properly seize the property of their families, agents and nominees of movable and immovable property, including business assets, securities, funds, unallocated bank accounts, works of art, jewelry, and so on. Media should be involved actively. Only then the Rule of Law will be instituted in Russia. China is clear and instructive example of that.

In particular, considering the prohibitively critical situation on the Russian roads, the existence and condition of which are within the responsibility of the Russian Ministry of Transport, it is clear that the staff of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI) of the Russian MOI benefits from it. They are interested in mess on the Russian roads, since huge number of accidents and violations brings them personal benefits. Now, if the roads in Russia met international standards and requirements, many employees of STSI would become unnecessary, be fired and lose that very “feeder” which is the reason why the majority of them works there. Thus, the current situation on roads is beneficial for the staff of STSI, which was renamed from State Traffic Police for an unknown reason. Huge budget allocated annually to build new and repair old roads is uncontrollably squandered and looted by the functionaries of the Russian Ministry of Transport. Strangely enough, it is very beneficial to the traffic police, who do not carry any responsibility for the state of roads in the country, but have their own agenda. Hence the result of repair of roads – in some regions of Russia, asphalt is being placed even over the snow in sub-zero air temperatures to hide embezzlement of budget funds.

Fictitious verification of the premeditated bankruptcy of Russia’s nuclear engineering flagship Atommash OJSC is another shining example of the careless attitude of several MOI officials. The Resolution of the Volgodonsk city MOI department dated 16.04.2004 (refusal to institute bankruptcy proceedings), referred to in the Notification of the Volgodonsk police №8/4332 dated 16.04.2004 contains knowingly false data and a very interesting reference to some “inspection materials” and Reference OM-2 issued by the Volgodonsk MOI on 15.04.2004, according to which, documents, containing necessary evidence of crimes committed by an Organized criminal group (OCG), have been destroyed on the basis of the Decree of the Russian MOI on 19.11.1996 №615 “due to expiration”. I would also like to point out that the law enforcement agencies had more than enough time to verify the documents and materials of the economic activity of Atommash OJSC thoroughly, before their alleged “elimination” on 15.04.2004 – or, in other words, just 1 day prior to the Resolution of the Volgodonsk MOI issued on 16.04.2004.

It’s also a telling fact that the inspection of the largest anti-state crime in Russia – the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC – has been repeatedly assigned to three young investigatorsof Volgodonsk Department for Economic Crimes – lieutenants of militia V.V. Bulygin, V.G. Gubarev and A.A. Nesterov. In fact they were backed up by qualified and very experienced professionals from law enforcement agencies, who, in turn, were fully controlled and coordinated by OCG participants on federal and regional level. The young militia lieutenants, having ostensibly familiarized themselves with the documents and materials on Atommash OJSC (as if it were an ordinary kiosk and not the nuclear industry giant it was), kept composing and signing “cloned” documents – identical from the content perspective and legally casuistic formal Resolutions. But the archives of the Audit Chamber of RF, who audited the premeditated bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC at the instruction of the Russian State Duma (out. №3.11-21/1322 of 21.10.2000), and the Federal Security Service of Russia contain documents and materials necessary for the investigation.

On the basis of the audit of the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC, the College of the Audit Chamber of RF issued a Definition №6(289) of 22.02.2002, which proves facts of criminal actions performed by of speific officials. However, ardent opponents of the investigation of this federal-scale crime did everything possible to make sure the audit materials were ignored in the Russian State Duma, Russian Government and Presidential Executive Office of Russia. A meticulous investigation of the bankruptcy of Atommash is not an easy thing to carry out, as it touches very deep layers of anti-state activity of OCG participants on federal and regional level, conducted during the period of anti-Russian reforms of 1990s. Therefore, investigation of the intentional bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC requires a principled position, political will and an according decision of the Russian Prime Minister and Russian President.