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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Will someone be held liable for lawlessness in Russia ↓


Contraventions have become the normal code of conduct for Russian law enforcement and judicial authorities. The way the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia reviewed the Statement of Concern YACONTO JSC (out. №18-7-JKY from 18.07.2000) with a protest against judicial acts of the Arbitration Court of Rostov region (AC RR) on the case A53-801/98-S2-12 about declaring defense industry company Salut JSC insolvent (bankrupt).This Statement has been prepared by General Ivan Poymanov, a Department Chief in the General Prosecutor’s Office of USSR (currently retired), a highly professional and principled investigator. 5 volumes of documents on 1217 pages, with detailed lists of contents, were attached to the Statement of Concern YACONTO JSC, received by the General Prosecutor’s Office on 19.07.2000. These documents were critically important to YACONTO companies as evidence, since they disappeared from the Case materials in the AC RR. The Statement was composed in such a way that anyone who reads the Salut JSC premeditated bankruptcy case materials, understands the schemes of illegal actions and measures to prevent crime against Atommash OJSC as well.

On 26.07.2000, Zonal Prosecutor of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia A.A. Lugovsky, assigned to review the Statement (review proceedings №38-936-2000), told me that they have received a case A53-801/98-S2-12 from the Arbitration Court of Rostov region consisting of 17 volumes.He said that examining the case and 5 volumes of documents attached to YACONTO’s Statement (out. 18-7-JKY from 18.07.2000), plus decision-making, required at least 2 months of painstaking work. Since A.A. Lugovsky was about to leave on vacation on 01.08.2000, the Case was handed over to A.A. Kirdeev, another officer of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia. But already on 04.08.2000 – i.e. in 4 (four) days – the First Deputy General Prosecutor of Russia Y.S. Biryukov (currently an “untouchable” Senator of the Russian Federation Council) closed the matter, sending to Concern YACONTO JSC an response (out. №38-936-2000 of 04.08.2000). Undoubtedly, this response was planned as a “formal reply”, since it’s not even theoretically possible to thoroughly inspect such an amount of Case materials, even for a very experienced employee of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia.

Systemic violation of all rights and legitimate interests of YACONTO companies, which have been real investors and creditors of Salut JSC, was one of the main issues in the premeditated bankruptcy case of the defense industry company Salut JSC. But the Arbitration Court of Rostov region always left these violations without consideration and proper assessment. Above gives us every reason to assert that corrupt officers from law enforcement, supervisory and judicial authorities,  tightly bound by "mutual protection", violating Law and Constitution of Russian Federation, cover anti-state activities of the Organized criminal group (OCG) of officials, who were involved in the intentional bankruptcy of major industrial companies of Volgodonsk: Atommash OJSC and Salut JSC. This is also confirmed by facts set out in the article called “Law enforcement or criminal complicity?” (dated 23.04.2009) on www.yaconto.ru.

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