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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Special items produced by Salut JSC (VZRTA JSC) ↓


Although the State didn't own a single share in the defense company Salut JSC (Volgodonsk city, Rostov region), the latter nevertheless had a "special status", being supervised by the Russian Agency for Control Systems (RACS), executing the Resolution of the Government of Russia №879 from 30.07.1999. Salut JSC was included in the Register of companies (Attachment №2), for which RACS centrally deployed Federal policy for development, production, repair and disposal of military and civil goods.

Below is an incomplete list of special items of radio-electronic reconnaisance and warfare produced by Salut JSC (previously VZRTA JSC or Volgodonsk Plant of radio-electronic-equipment), where YACONTO LLC (full successor of Concern YACONTO JSC) owned 67% share.


Корабль радиоэлектронной разведки

 Electronic intelligence station for submarines

 Set for ships with a deadweight of 2500-7000 tons

 Set for ships with a deadweight under 2000 tons

 Special items for Navy ships in combat

 Ship-borne electronic suppressor system MP-407

 Station of protection of vessels and ground targets from missile attacks








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