> False investor from the Ocean on the vast plains of Russia


In October 2006 YACONTO LLC signed an Agreement on business partnership (1-61019 of 19.10.2006) with the Autonomous non-profit organization «The Institute of Strategy Researches «Ocean». The reason to sign this Agreement were copies of multiple documents and two following letters submitted to YACONTO LLC by the Director of AUO ISR “Ocean” Mrs. V.N. Beryagina: first letter – from commercial bank Credit Suisse AG, Deutschland to company IC Inter Consult GmbH dated 31.03.2006, second – from IC Inter Consult GmbH to AUO ISR “Ocean” dated 23.06.2006. Those letters informed that international investors are willing to participate in the funding of some major projects on Russian territory which were interesting to them. The total amount of investments indicated therein was 11 Billion U.S. dollars. Having presented herself as an authorized representative of the Russian Academy of Sciences and of international partners, Director of AUO ISR “Ocean” V.N. Beryagina received from YACONTO LLC a big amount of documents on YACONTO International Program under the signed Agreement.

In order to fulfill its obligations under the aforementioned Agreement, YACONTO LLC addressed Mrs. Beryagina (out. 1-70117 of 17.01.2007) with an urgent request to provide the original credentials from Credit Suisse which confirmed the formal authority of AUO ISR “Ocean” and its business partner IC Inter Consult GmbH to provide funding to the YACONTO Integrated Program, so that we can submit their certified copies to the Russian Government regarding the support for the program. In return, YACONTO LLC received a strange and absurd letter (out. 23 of 31.01.2007) signed by Beryagina. In this letter she implied that she has carried out huge work to promote the Program and incurred expenses in the amount of 250 thousand Euros for preparation and transmission of a set of documents of YACONTO LLC to the German bank, and on top of that spent money on the translation of these documents. At the same time V.N. Beryagina claimed that there was no reason to allocate investment loans to the YACONTO Integrated Program under her “personal assets”. What kind of assets she was talking about, still remains a mystery.

Besides, V.N. Beryagina, in an absurd manner, accused YACONTO LLC of failing to fulfill certain obligations, which were not present in the signed Agreement and could not have possibly been there. It’s also important to mention that the round stamp imprints of AUO ISR “Ocean” and Beryagina’s signature on the Agreement (1-61019 of 19.10.2006) and her letter (out. 23 of 31.01.2007) are totally different. Therefore, by using a fake seal and distorting her signature, V.N. Beryagina intentionally made the Agreement signed with YACONTO LLC null and void. She, as a “false investor”, initiated this fraud with the only reason to seize information about the YACONTO Integrated Program as if on behalf of the “Ocean” and use it in her own purposes. However, Mrs. Beryagina received materials and documents in the same “acceptable amount” as other “adventure seekers”. Some of these materials can be found at www.yaconto.ru.

After V.N. Beryagina’s strange reply, justified doubts about her competence and capabilities arose. Hence, YACONTO LLC sent letters to IC Inter Consult GmbH (out. 1-70215 of 15.02.2007) and commercial bank Credit Suisse (Deutschland) (out. 2-70301 of 01.03.2007). These letters, written in a correct manner, provided information about the Director of AUO ISR “Ocean” V.N. Beryagina’s activities. Meetings with the Founders of the AUO ISR “Ocean” brought to light important facts and details that have dispelled the doubts of YACONTO LLC and confirmed Beryagina’s inability to fulfill the commitments she has undertaken on behalf of the “Ocean” under Agreement 1-61019 dated 19.10.2006. Occupying a comfortable office in the central building of one of the Founders (Institute of geochemistry and analytical chemistry named after V.I. Vernadsky of the Russian Academy of Sciences) in Moscow on Kosygina street bld. 19, AUO ISR “Ocean” did not pay the rent and did not bring any value either. As a result, “Ocean” was expelled from the office.

But the most important thing was that “Ocean’s” promises to the Founders to bring funding for support and development of science turned out to be pure bluff. Besides, it turned out that nobody among the Founders knew where AUO ISR “Ocean” was physically located. “Ocean” never provided the Founders with its balance sheets, schedules, plans, business activity reports and never conducted a single meeting. The whole staff of the so-called “institute” consisted of two people – a Director and an accountant-general. Moreover, the very existence of the “Ocean” undermined the authority of its Founders and its name did not correspond to its actual status. On 02.03.2007 the Founders initiated a general meeting, which unanimously made a Decision to liquidate the Autonomous non-profit organization «The Institute of Strategy Researches «Ocean». Under Act of transfer and acceptance 1 dated 27.03.2007, the true round seal of AUO ISR “Ocean” was handed over to the Institute named after V.I. Vernadsky of the Academy of Sciences.

But that was not the end of the intrigue with the “Ocean”. Having de jure “left this world”, it started appearing as a “Flying Dutchman” in different “plum” places of Russia, continuing its former activities “posthumously”. Beryagina’s accomplices, as true followers of Ostap Bender, confidently give unbelievable promises of investments of over 38 billion U.S. dollars in Russian economy, mostly to inexperienced persons. The question is – who and why would ever need “Ocean’s” service, if it demands guarantees from the state or prominent Russian banks, and collateral of liquid assets of enterprises, companies and corporations.

In Russia, major scam is typically backed by corrupt officials who cover up illegal and criminal actions with financial assets. As for the attraction of funding from commercial bank Credit Suisse through AOU ISR “Ocean”, YACONTO LLC was not overjoyed with the fact – rather, it didn’t mind long-term mutually beneficial partnership based on mutual respect, trust and benefit. Even without the Credit Suisse bank, YACONTO LLC has developed a long-lasting, trusting relationship with major foreign investors and strategic partners. Regardless of the global financial crisis, they expect a positive decision to implement both claimed and not yet exposed YACONTO projects and programs alike. The key reason for that is that their risks are minimal and their prospects of stable and significant profits are evident. And that’s when global markets have long since been divided between large corporations.

It is no accident that all sorts of swindlers, adventurers, rogues, and corrupt officials were trying hard to get into the nongovernmental investment YACONTO Integrated Program since its creation. They have only one goal – to grab as much as possible, without giving anything in return. The method of this sort of men is to deceive and cynically claim someone else's initiatives, projects, ideas, programs as their own, just to get access to funds for personal enrichment. The participation in the implementation of something useful itself and earning money honestly earned on a basis of the particular outcome of their activities, was something they never cared about. They have nothing holy. For the sake of “personal interest” in their activities they are even trying to obtain the support of senior hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church, through deceit and hypocrisy.