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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Land of wonders and contrasts ↓


Russia inherited a strong industrial capacity and advanced science with discoveries and researches of world importance from the mighty Soviet Union. Those should have been adapted to market conditions, without abandoning the concept of planned development of the State. But Russian “reformers” of 1990s chose another way for the State, turning it into a huge flea market. Stalls, pavilions, shops, markets, stores, boutiques, supermarkets, hypermarkets and so on were opening across the country like mushrooms after rain. The problem was that domestic producers and science had no place in this flea market, which sold mostly cheap foreign consumer goods. Meanwhile, “authorized” persons, have carved up all Russian property, under the cover of groundless verbiage about interests of the State and the people. Russian manufacturers of industrial and agricultural products, which were in demand on the country’s consumer markets, had been deliberately placed in an extremely unfavorable conditions in comparison to foreign producers.

Distortion of Russia’s economy led to a halt, bankruptcy and total collapse of tens of thousands of industrial, agriculture and scientific companies of the country. One such example is the deliberate disruption of mass production of civilian goods on the defense company Salut JSC (previously “Volgodonsk plant of radio-electronic equipment” OJSC, or VZRTA OJSC), which produced special items of radio-electronic reconnaissance and warfare for surface ships and submarines of the Russian Navy. Production of civilian goods could definitely fully preserve the defense profile of this modern industrial enterprise, but that was inconsistent with the goals set for the Organized criminal group (OCG) members who were responsible for this disruption. Premeditated bankruptcies of Salut JSC and Atommash OJSC, located in Volgodonsk, were carried out by same OCG members and their accomplices, acting in the interests of the “ruling elite” and their business partners.

As a result of the onerous tax burden and lawless bureaucratic arbitrariness, large-scale illegal shadow production of consumer goods flourished across the entire country. The bureaucrats made it impossible for Russian business to legally and honestly manufacture goods in their own country, pushing them into underground economy and making them pay bribes to numerous “permissive and controlling bodies”. Unprincipled entrepreneurs from other countries came to Russia to engage in counterfeit production of simple consumer goods. All too often their production was not just low quality, but even hazardous to health. Illegal immigrants are actively involved in Russian shady business. This all was made possible only because of arbitrariness, lawlessness and “controlled chaos” in the country’s economy, planted by the corrupt officials. Theft and extortion typical for “wild capitalism” was “championed” by officers from customs and immigration services, as well as other supervising and regulatory authorities. That’s the reason why one can find goods of world-famous brands and trademarks, manufactured in Russia, both on the shelves of cheap goods markets and in expensive boutiques and salons, but at totally different prices. Corrupt OCG members of federal and regional levels, tightly bound by “mutual protection, keep covering illegal activities in Russia. They turned Russia into land of criminal wonders and contrasts.

Looking at permissiveness and impunity of their superiors, subordinate officials act similarly. They, with the obvious connivance of superiors, seek to maximize satisfaction of their material needs, demands and interests, and actively participate in a criminal seizure and redistribution of property in the country. No anti-corruption Law can stop them, since they put too much effort to obtain profitable “plum places” and cannot afford losing their revenues. Those who leave those ranks or were caught red-handed are quickly substituted by a new generation of “freebie fans” with equally high ambitions and appetites. It is important to understand that Russia’s economy, fully dependant on greedy bureaucrats, is bursting at the seams. That’s why the only way to step-change the situation is to reduce the colossal army of bureaucrats 4 times. That requires a political will and a decision of the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to make an according administrative and personnel reform. Red tape, omissions, forgery, fraud, incompetence and sabotage committed by State officials should be regarded as malicious violation, inevitably entailing the use of administrative, financial and criminal penalties. That would definitely bring positive changes in the socio-economic development of Russia. And the higher the rank and title of the official, the more power and capabilities he enjoys, the greater must be his personal responsibility to the state, society and business.

Meanwhile, propagandizing through controlled media, the “ruling elite” tries to make the society believe that corruption in the country is being fought rigorously. But the “elite” seemingly forgot to start the purification of the ranks with their own subordinates – cynically believing that the society sees and knows nothing about their antics and anti-state activities, which led Russia to catastrophic consequences for the economy and the social sphere.

The criminal activity of the “bureaucratic elite” and their business partners ultimately resulted in: an exodus of more than 800 thousand Russian scientists and highly skilled professionals who left abroad; more than 1 million Citizens in prisons and camps, first place in Europe and second in the world (after U.S.) by the number of low-qualification immigrant workers, not counting the hordes of illegal immigrants. And that’s not to mention the continuing decline of population in Russia, growth of hidden unemployment, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and crime.

None of the “reformers” and their OCG accomplices was held liable by law, seated on a dock and punished for their crimes against the State and society. In order to save Russia as a State from impending decomposition and from being struck out of the History of the humanity, the Supreme leadership of Russia must act decisively and adopt radical actions against the entire corruption framework and against specific OCG members. Otherwise, this will be done by Statesmen and Patriots who always emerge in Russia during critical periods.


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