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Площади «Атоммаша» составляли около 6 млн. кв. м. На его территории могли бы разместиться 500 Миланских кафедральных соборов.

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Who of the bureaucrats will be held liable for Russia’s economy collapse ↓


Heeding orders from the above, the “Russian ruling elite” urgently started travelling across the entire country to meet the “regional elite” and the heads of the “real sector of the economy”. This endeavor was an attempt to keep the critical situation in Russia under the control of federal power bodies. Numerous meetings, conferences, forums and public speeches tell us of support plans being developed. High-ranking “emissaries from the federal centre”, knowing no real ways to escape the financial & economic crisis, are visiting Russian regions in order to give “valuable” instructions and advices on how to mitigate the crisis.

Many useful ideas and suggestions found on www.yaconto.ru were seized and copied by the “Russian celestials”. But at the same time, the crafty and quick-to-steal aides and advisors of those emissaries were instructed to urgently find a way away from crisis, which does not imply any drastic changes in Russia. That’s why “good initiatives” of the bureaucrats in Russia are doomed. They always seek only to bolster their position in power and to do what’s best for them. But the colossal bureaucratic staff (which should be reduced 4 times) and high prices of the natural monopolies do not allow escaping the crisis. In order to support the Russian economy we need a well-considered governmental planning and regulation of socio-economical processes. Tax and administrative burden onto small and medium size companies – which are perceived by corrupt officials as competitors to the companies they lobby – should also be reduced.

It’s clear that minor and medium Russian companies will not get any financial aid, and they are destined for self-survival. Heads of many companies have already claimed that under the condition of artificial shortage of money they can only save their companies via barter operations, which we mentioned in our article “Barter is no obstacle to overcome Russian crisis” of 17.12.2008. This has been acknowledged even by Alexey Kudrin – the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of RF who is not very popular among Russian citizens – in his interview of 30.03.2009.

Victor KhristenkoHowever, despite evident facts and common sense based on practical experience of survival of small and medium business in Russia during financial and economic crisis, the “irreplaceable” Viktor Khristenko, currently Minister of Trade and Industry of RF, and at the same time the “treasurer” (prior to that Deputy Prime Minister of RF in Yeltsin era and after it) continues to be an ardent opponent of barter, since, under acute shortage of working capital and affordable loans, prohibition of barter allows the “Russian ruling elite” and their monopoly business partners to rapidly seize the liquid companies they want through deliberate bankruptcies.

Mikhail Fradkov, during his tenure as First Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of RF, has sent to the that Deputy Prime Minister of RF Victor Khristenko a message (out. №A21-1175 of 28.03.2001) regarding the investigation of premeditated bankruptcy of Russian nuclear engineering flagship Atommash OJSC, defense company Salut JSC and other industrial companies of Volgodonsk city of Rostov region. However, no investigations have been conducted, and the so-called “inspections” and “answers” had a formally bureaucratic nature.

As a result of their anti-state activity, members of an Organized criminal group (OCG) of corrupt officials destroyed the most modern and unique industrial company in Russia, which produced high-tech complete sets of reactor equipment for nuclear power plants (NPP), and 30% of Atommash OJSC stake owned by the State, which were managed and controlled by corrupt officials, have vanished. To present date, no single OCG member has been punished for their anti-state activity around the premeditated bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC. More detailed information has been set forth in the Letter from YACONTO LLC to Russian President Vladimir Putin (out. №80116-1 of 16.01.2008), which was deliberately concealed from him.

Sergey P. Yakunin, President of YACONTO LLC