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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Volgodonsk – thorn in Chub’s side ↓


During the long period of his unchallenged “imperious reign” in Rostov region, Governor Vladimir Chub wreaked much havoc. For everything he committed, he deserved multiple capital punishments – together with his criminal group, which helped him turn a once prosperous Soviet region into a backwards region of Russia. After "chameleon" Chub’s appointment as Head of Administration of Rostov region in autumn of 1991, socio-economic indexes of the region started falling. Indicators of industry and agriculture plummeted from year to year. Mortality rate exceeded the birth rate. There was a mass exodus of scientists, highly skilled and experienced workers from the region, who departed in search of work in other regions of Russia and abroad.

Despite that, Vladimir Chub and his “inner circle” continue to “reign” in Rostov region. This became possible only because hypocritical Chub quickly figured out whose side he must take when the anti-state “reforms” were proclaimed, betraying Rostov region and Russia itself. He found common ground with Russia’s ruling elite and the “reformers” who led the country to a breakdown and an economic collapse. It’s not a coincidence that “Tzar Boris’s” daughter, caring for the health of the “Rostov celestial” granted him a “medical treatment” in the best clinic of one of the Western Europe countries, so that Vladimir Chub doesn’t “leave to a better world” before his “inner circle” has completed pillaging the region.

On 26.10.2009 the water intake of the Tsimlyansk reservoir failed and 170 thousand residents of Volgodonsk industrial town, as well as suburban area, were left without potable water. The reason was found quickly – the reservoir intake filters were clogged with algae and silt. Thus, water intake and its flow into the city were stopped. However, state-controlled media forgot to mention a few settlements located in the vicinity of the reservoir. Their people constantly have to use water that “blooms” with algae as a result of a human factor which roughly intervened in the region’s nature. According to the press service of the Main Directorate of EMERCOM in the Rostov region, supply of potable and process water was organized in the Volgodonsk city. 33 cars, 14 of them fire trucks, were delivering water to the city. However, if we interviewed inhabitants of the city and the suburban area, they would say that critical situation with algae and silt emerges practically every summer.

The active period for the algae depends on temperature and weather conditions. The hotter it is in summer, the more algae and silt appears in the Tsimlyansk reservoir, which is not so deep. This impacts the region’s environment negatively. This is the direct responsibility of respective regional agencies who should have been acting accordingly to prevent critical situations like the one that happened in Volgodonsk on 26.10.2009. Therefore, the availability of existing treatment facilities and their readiness to work effectively is critically important for purification of water from the reservoir, which is used by urban public utilities of Volgodonsk, for drinking and industrial purposes.

But then, what happens to huge budget funds earmarked for preventive maintenance and repair of treatment facilities and municipal services of the region, for repair and construction of roads, of social housing for the residents of the region, for the support and development of industry, agriculture and science? This is the question for the Administration of Rostov region, and primarily, to the “Rostov celestial” Chub. But he cannot care less about these problems, as he and his inner circle have other interests. And in case of critical situations which regularly happen in Rostov region, Chub still has the opportunity to use the financial assistance provided by his “friends” from the Federal Center who freely use public – or, better to say, the people’s money.

During Chub’s reign as an “appanage prince of Rostov province”, the region, unlike other Russian regions, received significant funds for the so-called “support and development”. A large share of those funds was kicked back to the “federal elite” which allocated them. Another share was “appropriated” by the “regional elite”, and, finally, the “leftovers from the master’s table” were distributed, like alms, between those companies of the region which were controlled by, and dependent on the “regional elite”.

This is no coincidence that Firm YACONTO LLP ordered to drill wells on the territory of the defense industry company Salut JSC (Volgodonsk city, Rostov region) in order to have autonomous water supply. Salut JSC, totally independent from the two-tongued, hypocritical Chub, produced special items of radio-electronic reconnaissance and warfare for surface ships and submarines of the Russian Navy, and never received any support from the Administration of Rostov region for socio-economic development and mass production of civilian goods.

Salut JSC did not receive a single dime of the funding it was eligible for, when it started preparations for mass production of a new promising product, demanded by the consumer market – the electronic fridge control unit (rus. EBUH). This funding was used by Chub’s team in their personal interests. And that’s despite the fact that the production of EBUH fridge control units in 1998 was included in the “Federal Targeted Program of socio-economic development of the Rostov region to year 2001” (page 74, Annex 2, paragraph 32), approved by the Regulation of the Government of Russia №21 from 08.01.1998. EBUH has been designed to reduce energy consumption of household refrigerators and freezers by 15 - 20%, improve reliability, extend the life of compressors, etc. The volume of production of EBUH for Russian and foreign manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers could amount to tens of millions of units a year. For Salut JSC, where the volume of special production for Russian Navy ships amounted to 98% of the total production of the enterprise, establishment of a mass production of civilian goods for the consumer market was the only way to survive and retain its defense capabilities after the “reforms” which eliminated governmental contracts.

Chub easily managed to make the federal authorities write off assets (allegedly illiquid) of the companies of Rostov region in the interests of an Organized criminal group (OCG) of corrupt officials. Pages 16 and 17 of the Letter of YACONTO LLC (out. №80116-1 of 16.01.2008) to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was concealed from him, provide a specific example of that. It shows how Vladimir Chub addressed his accomplice – or, better to say, a partner in anti-state crimes – General Director of the Federal Office for insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings of Goskomimuschestvo, Peter Mostovoy (out. №1/6049 of 19.09.1996), asking for his support in the program for stabilization of financial and economic condition of Atommash OJSC, allegedly developed by the Teritorial Agency for bankruptcy proceedings in Rostov region, together with the Bankruptcy referee and the top management of Atommash OJSC by the orders of the Russian Government. In particular, in this appeal Chub asks to write off, through the reduction of capital surplus, the value of specific fixed assets and objects under construction of Atommash OJSC for an amount of 878 billion rubles. And that’s while the said objects have been repeatedly depreciated and, consecutively, sold for a pittance to the OCG members.

Recently, however, the “Rostov celestial” is seriously worried that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev might find a successor for his “throne”, which will be unsuitable and unreliable to Chub. He imagines what happens if this successor, following the orders of the Federal centre, starts reviewing Chub’s past activities, his frauds, scheme and crimes starting from 1991. He has every reason to fear that. The anti-state crimes committed by the “Rostov celestials” cannot be forgiven. For his participation in the premeditated bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC, Vladimir Chub, as a high-ranking official, deserves capital punishment, which is used in China and not abandoned in the U.S. Therefore, as a warning to others and future generations, it is necessary to conduct a thorough investigation of large-scale anti-state activities of Chub and officials like him, at federal and regional level.

If the independent investigation confirms treason, it would be exemplarily to organize a public action of exponential death penalty for the most odious anti-state criminals on the arena of the "Moscow Coliseum" - the Grand Sports Arena of Luzhniki, full of Russian spectators and representatives of other states, and broadcast the event around the world. On top of that, all relatives, trustees and "strawmen" of the OCG criminals must have their property arrested, including movable and immovable property in Russia and abroad, business assets, securities, cash, impersonal bank accounts, works of art, jewelry, as well as assets that have already been deployed in Russia under the guise of foreign investment in Russia, etc. China is a clear and instructive example of such policy. That's how Russia can really reclaim trillions of U.S. dollars worth of liquid assets which were stolen from her.

 22.07.1995 - Reconciliation Statement of accounts payable by ATOMMASH OJSC to VB KB DONINVEST

 31.07.1995 - VB KB DONINVEST to the Board of Directors of ATOMMASH OJSC (on accounts payable)

 05.09.1995 - Statement of Board of Directors of ATOMMASH OJSC to Prosecutor of Volgodonsk (RF)

 19.09.1995 - Firm YACONTO LLP to Governor of Rostov region Chub VF (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 29.09.1995 - Firm YACONTO LLP to Governor of Rostov region Chub VF (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 21.05.1996 - Minister of Atomic Energy of RF Mikhailov VN to Russian State Duma Gusev VK

 12.09.1996 - Ministry of Atomic Energy of RF Ryabev LD to officials (regarding ATOMMASH OJSC)

 19.09.1996 - Governor of Rostov Region Chub VF to FUDN Mostovoy PP (on assets of ATOMMASH OJSC)

 21.01.1997 - Ministry of Atomic Energy (Russia) to BIDC Corporation (USA)

 05.05.1997 - EMK JSC (Moscow) Stepanov AY to Ministry of Atomic Energy of RF Ryabev LD

 2000 - Operational information of European competent authorities on DONINVEST

 2000 - Data on socio-economical degradation of Rostov region (in 1991-2000)

 28.03.2001 - Security Council of Russia Fradkov ME to Russian Government Khristenko VB

 22.02.2002 - Report of the Audit Chamber of RF №6(289) on bankruptcy of ATOMMASH OJSC (excerpt)

 01.11.2007 - SD RF Kharitonov AN to General Prosecutor of RF Chaika YY, on Mintrans and ATOMMASH

 16.01.2008 - YACONTO LLC to the President of RF Putin V.V. (on YACONTO IP and ATOMMASH OJSC)

 25.12.2009 - SD RF Lisitsyn AI to Prime Minister of RF Putin V.V. (bankruptcy of ATOMMASH OJSC)

 11.06.2010 - SD RF Zyuganov GA to the President of RF Medvedev DA (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 06.10.2010 - SD RF Kolomeytsev NV to PCD RF Chuychenko KA (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 02.11.2010 - Presidential Control Directorate of RF Chuychenko KA to SD RF Kolomeytsev NV

 21.12.2010 - SD RF Lisitsyn AI to President of RF Medvedev DA (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 19.01.2011 - Presidential Control Directorate of RF Letunovskiy V.V. to SD RF Lisitsyn AI

 19.05.2011 - SD RF Zyuganov GA to the President of RF Medvedev DA (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 20.04.2011 - SD RF Lisitsyn AI to President of RF Medvedev DA (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 18.10.2011 - SD RF Lisitsyn AI to President of RF Medvedev DA (on Project-A for ATOMMASH OJSC)


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