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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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YACONTO’s anti-crisis proposals for U.S. ↓


It is only through balanced, mutually beneficial long-term economic partnership that the members of the international community can overcome the worldwide financial crisis. The U.S. needs a comprehensive program to stabilize its economy to get out of a deep crisis. It is expedient, in particular, to adopt the following measures:

- Abandon confrontation with Iran and Venezuela and restore long-term, mutually beneficial economic relationship based on trust of the parties. Equal partnership with Iran and Venezuela will give the U.S. a much greater effect than the confrontation with them. That would allow the U.S., together with its western partners and Russia, participating in the reconstruction of old and large-scale construction of new industrial, energy, transport and other industrial facilities and companies of Iran and Venezuela, since today’s Russia, unfortunately, is incapable of doing that without leading Western companies because of unsuccessful reforms of the 1990-s, which dealt serious damage to Russian companies which produced high-tech equipment.

- Participate in the construction of a modern navigable waterway on Iran’s territory, connecting the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf, which would allow the Caspian states (primarily, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan) take part in the process of international economic integration on terms beneficial for all sides. Infrastructural projects of economic and social development of Iran that show most potential should also be integrated into the international waterway construction program.

- Propose to Iran reinstitution of a promising energy program for the construction of modern nuclear power plants (NPP), which the U.S. planned to build in Iran back in 1970-s, but never finished the program due to the confrontation that arose and still persists. Besides, proximity of Kazakhstan, which has huge deposits of uranium required for NPPs, is beneficial.

The participation of U.S. in the aforementioned and other peaceful, promising, large-scale programs on the Planet will bring significant economic effect and political benefits, restore the reputation of the U.S. among Middle Eastern and Latin American countries and beyond and build up their respect for the U.S.

(More information and documents will be posted on www.yaconto.com.)

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