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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Ukraine’s future is in the votes of her people ↓


Russia’s relationships with bordering independent states, which used to be in the USSR, are crucial for Russia’s socio-economic development. Ukraine and Belarus, bordering with Russia in the west, are strategically important from political and economical perspective. Therefore, Presidential elections in Ukraine are very important - and primarily for Russia itself. So far, the relationship between the two countries at the level of their senior management is far from perfect. But it is surely remediable, because it is difficult to imagine discord and break between the brotherly Slavic nations, caused by short-sighted politicians, pursuing their ambitious plans and benefits instead of the interests of the nations.

Although there are many candidates for President of Ukraine, but the most active struggle will obviuosly take place between Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the Party of Regions leader Viktor Yanukovych. The one who manages to attract the majority of the votes of candidates which already lost, wins. Therefore, the real candidates for President should from the very start avoid conflict with those candidates who clearly cannot make it to the second round of elections, but will play a very important role, encouraging the electorate to give preference to a particular candidate in the second round.

Therefore, a potential candidate for President of Ukraine should plan in advance for negotiations with “preferences” for candidates who lost in the first round of elections. The main asset for a presidential candidate would be delivering Ukraine from the crisis, stabilization, and prospects of socio-economic development. A real national program with a specific detailed plan for its implementation, linked to the independent foreign policy of the country, alongside a constructive, long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation with the countries of the European Union and the Commonwealth of Independent States, presented to the Ukrainian people, will give a better chance of winning the Presidential election.

Pro-Western part of Ukraine’s citizens sees it integrated into the EU, while the pro-Russian side does not imagine itself without Russia. But both groups want to live in a prosperous Ukraine. However, the country did not escape the world’s financial crisis. For Ukraine, as well as for Russia, the crisis was deeper than for the EU states, and its negative consequences will be felt for a long time. But together with Russia, Ukraine has better chances of overcoming the crisis, and can choose right direction for economic development, addressing common problems and tasks by the means available to both countries.

Ukraine needs Russian markets, while Russia needs a guaranteed, unhindered transit of gas and oil via existing – and, possibly, new – Ukrainian pipelines to the EU. But Ukraine cannot rely solely on revenues from transit of hydrocarbons and at the same time keep the economy afloat. Ukraine, as well as Russia, requires a modernization of industry, active development of agriculture and science, meeting international requirements and standards. Ukraine can achieve that by employing the capabilities of leading international companies.

This is why Ukraine and Russia need mutually beneficial long-term relationships which would satisfy both sides and contribute to the development of economic integration of CIS and EU states. The political decision to create a Customs Union with a single customs space, taken by the heads of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia on 27.11.2009, opens up great prospects in the economic development of each participating country. Other CIS countries, which would like to join the Customs Union in future, including Ukraine, will enjoy same benefits.

Of course, with the huge flow of information accessible through the media around the world today, one cannot hide truth, so the actual situation in various spheres of activity in Russia itself is the subject of discussion all over the world, including Ukraine. Despite how actively they try concealing, retouching and embellishing true state of affairs in the economy and social sphere through mass media controlled by and dependent on the “ruling elite”, truth cannot be hidden. And the decline in inflation in Russia in the 3rd quarter of 2009 was not due to industry’s recovery from the financial and economic crisis, but rather due to a significant increase in oil prices after the collapse in world markets, which is critically important for welfare of the economy and social sphere in Russia

Therefore, against the backdrop of the collapse of industry, agriculture and science during the anti-Russian “reforms” of the 1990s, it is interesting to hear the news about several real achievements which pave the way for the development of various Russia’s economy sectors.

One good example is the genuine desire to reopen production of the Antonov An-124-100 Ruslan strategic airlift giant aircraft on Ulyanovsk Aviation Industrial Complex “Aviastar-SP”, in addition to the production of the Tupolev Tu-204-100 medium-range jet airliner. Opening of the upper tier of the new Ulyanovsk bridge across the Volga River from the European part of the country to Urals, Siberia and the Far East is another good example. The construction of the 5.3 km long bridge was planned in 1987 and is scheduled to complete in 2012.

Agreement with Renault automobile company, signed on 27.11.2009 in France, regarding the latter’s participation in manufacturing of modern cars on AvtoVAZ, on the basis of modern western technologies, is equally important for Russia. Those positive examples will create a positive impact on the development of Russian economy.

However, sometimes “activists” from the state power authorities discredit positive facts by their populist actions. For example, Russian Minister of Transport Igor Levitin, always seeks a chance to show off and be in the spotlight, participating in public events for the commissioning and opening of this or that object – even those which he has nothing with. Sometimes it looks like a “travelling circus” which moves from place to place, giving shows to the masses and daily bread to the mass media.

This is understandable, since Levitin’s activity is being directed, controlled and covered by those who use him in their purposes and interests. What a pompous ceremony, attended by Levitin on 28.10.2009, accompanied the commissioning of a high-speed segment of the M3 Highway from 37-th to 51-st kilometers from Moscow, as if it were an autobahn 100 or 1000 km long! Reconstruction of a 14.5 km long segment of the highway cost 10 billion rubles to the Federal budget.

There are too many events going on in Russia and abroad for Igor Levitin to attend and show off as a cinema star, so he has barely enough time to monitor the work of his subordinates, who play masterly tricks with colossal budget funds, which melt like snow under the sun in spring.

But in addition to “widespread” construction and repair of federal and local roads, we need to build modern and comfortable housing for tens of millions of Russian citizens, including current and retired military personnel. Volumes of construction of current housing are insufficient and do not satisfy the real needs of the Citizens who need it.

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War are in an equally horrible situation. Their numbers lessen with each day, and the Fatherland’s debt to them still remains unpaid, due to mean, immoral and unacceptable attitude of cynical and hypocritical corrupt officials to the Veterans. The State’s obligations to Veterans, even those who passed away, should still be fulfilled to their relatives and descendants, including grandchildren.

That would have been just and fair, and would have become an instructive example to the future generations of Russian Citizens, showing them that the State remembers and returns the debt to its Defenders, instead of waiting till they all die. That's when the phrase “no one is forgotten and nothing is forgotten” will have a substantial sense, becoming more than just pompous and empty “talking shop” at the annual celebrations of the May 9th Victory Day. And if concepts of Patriotism, Courage, Fatherland, Honor, Conscience and Duty to the Fatherland will be of secondary importance for the younger generation in Russia, while lies, hypocrisy, sycophancy, cynicism, pure pragmatism and corruption continue to flourish, there will be no defenders left in the homeland.

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