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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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In continuation of the article “A bug from Tuapse”, YACONTO LLC presents information that fully exposes lies and slander against Integrated Cooperative “Continent-Olymp”, YACONTO companies and their management. Disinformation, forged in a cynical article “Expansion of the exteriors” dated 28.10.2007 was posted on www.tuapse.ru for a reason. We posted selected documents and materials posted in YACONTO, ATOMMASH and SALUT sections of www.yaconto.ru whenever it makes sense. In the current article we present documented evidence which exposes the false, sordid nature and the insignificance of the “Tuapse bug”. His endless stream of cynical lies pours as if from a cornucopia. All the information that the “bug” posted on his website is subject for verification. If we compare the disinformation about YACONTO companies posted on www.tuapse.ru and articles in the “Kommersant” newspaper in the second half of 1990s, (owned by Boris Berezovsky at the time), similarity is evident.

Integrated Cooperative “Continent-Olymp” was founded in Moscow on 21.09.1988. Sergey Yakunin was directly involved in its establishment and headed its Board. The Cooperative and, consecutively, YACONTO companies, in cooperation with state-owned industrial companies, organized mass production of consumer goods which were in high demand on the consumer markets of USSR. These products included, in particular, multioperational household woodworking machines, popular throughout the country. They were widely used in urban and rural areas alike. We received orders for large quantities of YACONTO DK-1 machines even from the regions where other woodworking machines were produced.

The Cooperative and YACONTO companies officially attracted state-owned commercial structures, professionally engaged in wholesale, to sell different kinds of consumer goods most efficiently. This model was economically justified and ensured swift turnover. These companies included provincial, territorial and republican structures of the USSR Gossnab. Only a tiny fraction of official contracts received through them is published on www.yaconto.ru, but even this amount speaks for itself and needs no devious comments of the “bug”.

Just a few examples are enough to understand what YACONTO companies have been doing in the USSR and, later, Russia. One of such examples is the mass production of the 16-operational YACONTO DK-1 woodworking machine, which included 2 inventions and 6 innovations, described in RF Patent №38648 for an industrial design: "Woodworking machine" (Priority of industrial design from 24.05.1991) issued by Rospatent on 28.05.1993 and patent №2040388 for an invention: "Universal woodworking Machine" (Priority of invention from 26.03.1991) issued by Rospatent on 25.07.1995. The unique feature of the YACONTO DK-1 machine was that all of its operations were powered by only one induction motor. It was a time when induction motors were in high demand on the markets, and the supply was very short. It was a perfect time to establish mass production of easy to use universal multi-operational equipment.

The deceitful “bug from Tuapse” describes the situation around creation and marketing of liners for ball bearing for VAZ automobiles, having no information about that. The reality was different. According to Contract №20-2-D (87-633) of 10.09.1989 and to the task set by cooperative “Continent-Olymp”, MNTEP (USSR, Zhigulevsk town) developed a technology for reconditioning of ball bearing for “Zhiguli” ("Lada") cars. In parallel, by the task set by the Cooperative, two plants in Moscow developed complete technical documentation for thermoplastic multi-molds for manufacturing of liners for ball bearing. The molds were produced of high strength steel at bargain prices. Due to specifics of relations between state-owned and private enterprises in USSR at that period, cooperative “Continent-Olymp” asked the well-known “Moscow jig boring machines plant” (MZKRS) to officially address “AvtoVAZ”, asking the automotive giant to conduct factory testing for restoration of ball bearings through usage of liners. “AvtoVAZ” conducted factory testing of this item and issued a positive Conclusion, as reported in its letter (out. №19000-36/738 of 29.05.1990). This was the basis for the Cooperative and, consecutively, YACONTO companies to roll out mass production of liners for ball bearing, sought-after in the consumer markets, and to start selling those officially through state-owned trade companies and automobile maintenance centers. As a result, shortage of ball bearings for “Zhiguli” cars was eliminated.

The technical documentation and the molds, mentioned by the "bug", were a property of cooperative “Continent-Olymp” and have been handed over to YACONTO companies on the basis of legal documents which are not subject to discussion by third parties. For services provided to the cooperative, useful for its economic and production activity, in 1991 MZKRS received from YACONTO companies an interest-free half-year credit of 1 million rubles. Under the terms of the contract, part of the debt was repaid by MZRKS with 4 (four) jig boring machines model 2E450AF30 (with two turntables) delivered in 1992 at their factory prices of 1991, which was an equivalent of 600 thousand U.S. dollars.

In his lampoon dated 28.10.2007, the “bug” describes the various events that were not even planned, much less happened. In particular, the “bug” that YACONTO tried to take over the AvtoVAZ. But this question has never been on our agenda. This particular one is not just an “ordinary” lie and slander of the “bug”, but totally outrageous nonsense. For him, spreading misinformation is the usual way of life.

The “Tuapse bug” provides false information about the Act of Acceptance of special equipment of 30.09.1991 for the transfer of molds for mass production of various consumer goods with a total cost of 1.350.000 rubles. The molds specified in the Act have been transferred, by the decision of their proprietor, from Integrated Cooperative “Continent-Olymp” to Firm YACONTO SE. Both companies were affiliated, since they, as well as the said molds, were owned by the same physical person. Movement of any property between affiliates on the orders of their owner is a common practice, based on economic feasibility. The internal Act of 30.09.1991 merely confirms the existence of the property owned and managed by the affiliates.

During the bankruptcy of defense company Salut JSC initiated in 1998, the Head of the Territorial Agency of the Federal Service for Bankruptcy Proceedings in Rostov Region, Mrs. Tatiana Gramotenko made a knowingly false statement that on the premises of Salut JSC there is no property owned by YACONTO companies and no property transferred under property lease Contract №1-2-DFYA of 01.02.1995. According to Act №1 of 01.02.1995 to this Contract, Firm YACONTO LLP leased VZRTA OJSC (later renamed to Salut JSC) technical equipment and apparatus for manufacturing of electric motors, plastic goods and items made of nonferrous metals. The list of transferred property included molds, listed in the Act of Acceptance of special equipment of 30.09.1991.

Tatiana Gramotenko, a member of an Organized criminal group (OCG) and a trusted person of the Governor of Rostov region Vladimir Chub, carried out his policy, the goal of which were bankruptcies of major industrial and defense companies. Under Tatiana Gramotenko’s active leadership, the TA FSBP of Rostov region bankrupted more than 300 major companies, which was officially confirmed by the verification of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia and the Prosecutor of Rostov region, which is, to a significant extent under Chub’s control. However, Gramotenko managed to escape the investigation of her criminal anti-state activity because of her high patronage and and a hasty liquidation of the TA FSBP of Rostov region in March 2002.

High patrons of T.A. Gramotenko, violating the established order, found her a General-level place of the deputy head of Territorial Authority of FSFR of Russia in Moscow. Upon hearing this, YACONTO LLC appealed to the Central Federal District, Moscow City Duma and the law enforcement agencies urging them to investigate criminal actions of Gramotenko. In order to avoid the investigation, that “combat friend of the Rostov celestial” hastily resigned on 12.09.2002 and fled from Moscow. As it turned out later, she successfully settled in Rostov region. It was Tatiana Gramotenko who, together with OCG members, took an active part in the premeditated bankruptcy of Russian nuclear engineering flagship Atommash OJSC and, using an identical scheme, of the defense industry enterprise Salut JSC. More detailed information and documents can be found on www.yaconto.ru in sections ATOMMASH and SALUT.

May I now disrupt the sequence of reviewing the provocative article “Expansion of exteriors” of 28.10.2007 and take a closer look at the misinformation about the Biomass Energy Unit. The BEU was created by leading specialists and constructors of the Salyut Design Bureau of Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center (RF, Moscow) and scientists from Institute of Biochemistry named after A.N. Bach of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RF, Moscow). There’s no need to duplicate the text on www.yaconto.ru which contains enough information and links to true documents and materials on BEU. Hence, let’s focus on the careless statements of the cynical and deceitful “bug”, where he questions the creation of 8 co-authors specified in the RF Patent №2056393 for the invention of BEU dated 20.03.1996 (priority of invention since 19.03.1993), issued to Firm YACONTO LLP. This whiffet from Tuapse has no idea that that a creative team of over 100 people took part in the creation of BEU since 1991. The of R&D works for BEU (in essence, a conversion item) and the adaptation of its manufacturing of state company PA Atommash (later Atommash OJSC) have been funded solely by YACONTO companies without any involvement from the state.

Twisting the description text of the RF Patent №2056393, this pigmy groundlessly questions the uniqueness of the BEU. Broadcasting as a “word of mouth”, he pulls out separate phrases from the context of the invention’s description and tells the world that the prototype of the BEU was patented in the U.S. in 1932, and that the first mention of the “miraculous machine” in the Soviet Union was published in 1985 in Ashgabat. At the same time the “bug” intentionally never mentions that the information about BEU that he took from the description of the invention and posted on www.tuapse.ru is distorted and incomplete. Following the logic of this jackstraw, everything created by Sergey Korolyov, Valentin Glushko, Vladimir Chelomey and practically all the world’s greatest inventors of space technologies can be claimed ideas seized from Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who, in turn, stole ideas from Leonardo da Vinci. Indeed, about one hundred and fifty types of BEU were created in the world. But the BEU created by DB Salyut of Khrunichev SRPSC included most modern (at the time) space technologies, and therefore, its functioning is different from all others.


NOTE: We recommend to read this article together with the previous one called “A bug from Tuapse” posted on www.yaconto.com for a broader, clearer and juicier picture.


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