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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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The bug from Tuapse ↓


How easy it would be to live, if the evil and filth were “burned out with a hot iron”. The world of reality is not an iridescent dream, and one needs to keep his eyes open. The custom to actively use the “services” of liars, slanderers, sycophants, provocateurs, traitors, careerists, traitors, rogues, hypocrites and adventure seekers of all kinds dates back to ancient times. Their “services” are paid for and used by those who want to achieve nefarious and dastardly purposes. Of course, one could ignore their rampant and cynical antics – but why should we? Even though the times of strict measures and penalties against disinformation and slander are, seemingly, gone in Russia, the possibilities for a just and inevitable punishment in a “pseudomarket democracy” still remain. One always has to “pay the bills”.

In December 2007, management of YACONTO LLC decided to open a website. The reason for that was a stream of disinformation, slander and lies against YACONTO companies posted on www.tuapse.ru. Undoubtedly, the “owner” of the website executes slanderous orders against YACONTO LLC. After the dispatch of numerous documents about the implementation, in the Tuapse region of Krasnodar Territory, of the nongovernmental investment YACONTO Integrated Program, to various state authorities, it was impossible to maintain the secrecy of the information contained in these documents. In addition, the management of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, which opposed the implementation of this program, had its own “improper” reasons. The main reason was to satisfy the interests of their monopoly business partners. Convincing information about the negative activity of Russian Minister of Transport Igor Levitin can be found in an article called “Highwayman Minister” published in the “Ogoniok” magazine (№31(5109) of 14.12.2009). In order to prevent the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program, they carry out various tricks to discredit YACONTO LLC. The www.tuapse.ru website was used for the same purpose; looks like its “owner” was counting on support from his patrons.

For readers of www.tuapse.ru it might appear that its “owner” is very familiar with the activity of YACONTO LLC. This is not the case. A few years ago this “bug from Tuapse” obtained a CD with hundreds of documents and materials on different activities of YACONTO companies and their structures. Those CDs were recorded in large quantities in order to reduce paperwork and to distribute the materials to state power authorities on federal and regional level. Leakage of information has become commonplace and a norm of conduct among the officials in the state authorities, therefore, the documents found themselves at the disposal of the opponents of YACONTO LLC and lost their confidentiality. The “bug” shamelessly offers his interpretation of YACONTO’s documents and materials with explicit “bile”, and intentionally distorts their content and meaning. Moreover, he invents dirty events, which never happened in reality. But that's another topic for serious discussion and “claims”. The www.tuapse.ru website contains such slander on business activities of YACONTO and their structures that it’s a must to charge the “bug” with a compensation for damages in the amount that would discourage other “adventure seekers” to engage in misinformation, slander and lies, and that would make them keep their “conjectures and emotions” to themselves.

At certain stage it became known that some “emissaries” are travelling along the Black Sea coast, offering major foreign investments for the development of Southern Russia and smearing the name of YACONTO LLC with dirt because the latter, allegedly, wanted to “get hold of” billions of U.S. dollars belonging to Autonomous non-profit organization «The Institute of Strategy Researches «Ocean». After that, YACONTO LLC posted an article called “False investor from the “Ocean”  on its website on 01.10.2009. The content of this article, accompanied by documented evidence, has put off balance several people who were involved in those dirty activities on post-Soviet spaces. On 11.02.2010 YACONTO LLC received a letter from IC Inter Consult GmbH which demanded to remove documents mentioned in the aforesaid article from www.yaconto.ru and to remove names of the counterparts from the text. Otherwise, they wrote, the company would have to address Russian Prosecutor’s Office. We fail to understand why would the management of IC Inter Consult GmbH file a complaint against YACONTO LLC in Russia, since the documents published on the website merely confirm a failed fraud attempt and allow filing a counterclaim for damage caused. Besides, the management of AUO ISR “Ocean”, without thinking twice, passed to YACONTO LLC several documents that could be of interest to law enforcement and judicial authorities, both in Russia and beyond.

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A particular example of provocative attacks against YACONTO LLC was false information about fake documents and appropriation of another’s property, which, purportedly, “made impossible” the partnership between YACONTO LLC and IC Inter Consult GmbH (Germany). It’s no coincidence that www.tuapse.ru posted knowingly false information by some “SEA TRUST ltd.” and its slanderous and absurd letter signed by Director V.G. Markelov, addressed “to whom it may concern” (out. №111 of 19.10.2009). This provocative lampoon implies that YACONTO LLC, allegedly, caused significant damage to SEA TRUST ltd., and a verification of these facts resulted in criminal proceedings for forgery of documents and appropriation of other’s property (money), instituted by the Novorossiysk police. However, YACONTO LLC has never signed any contracts with SEA TRUST ltd. What kind of criminal case we are talking about? Why doesn’t Novorossiysk police contact YACONTO LLC, instead preferring to carry out this “case” clandestinely without any evidence of its existence? It’s very strange that everyone but YACONTO LLC seems to know about this “intriguing” case. In reality, it’s plain to see that the entire issue is a bunch of lies, which is fraught with criminal liability.

In their lifetime, YACONTO companies met many false partners and false investors on their way. But in fact,  this time everything is much meaner. SEA TRUST ltd. has a role of a disinformator, which compromises YACONTO LLC’s activities in this planned action against the latter. This is connected to a crook business around the industrial complex which used to belong to Atommash OJSC. Many pivotal documents for the investigation of the premeditated bankruptcy of this domestic nuclear industry giant, compromising specific officials, are published on www.yaconto.ru. Thus, those who act “behind the scenes” do not shun using “dummy” companies and websites of questionable morality to discredit YACONTO LLC before the supreme leadership of the country. More detailed information about the unprecedented bankruptcy fraud of Atommash OJSC and criminal undermining of Russia’s economic security can be found here.

The “bug from Tuapse” does not appear to care much about the environment of Tuapse city or the future of its inhabitants. He should have utilized his “boiling energy” against those who caused, and continues to cause damage to the region where they live themselves. Instead, the “bug” shouts against the YACONTO Integrated Program, the implementation of which would have been for the benefit of the Tuapse citizens, since this Program provides for the transposition of polluting industrial sites several kilometers away from the city’s residential area. The construction site for the “Commercial Black Sea port YACONTO” itself with necessary infrastructure was planned to be within several kilometers from Tuapse. In addition, the election of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych may bring the interstate relations between Russia and Ukraine to the proper level of understanding and trust between the fraternal nations.

Signing of mutual agreement on the indefinite stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol is also possible. In this case there will be no acute need for the creation of a Tuapse naval base. This would make the implementation of the YACONTO Integrated Program much easier, since its funding would come from investors and not from the budget which is already burdened with the financial crisis. That’s also true for the transposition of a Tuapse – Adler railroad branch from the Black Sea coast and a construction of a modern high-speed highway through Sochi to the border with Georgia, bypassing Tuapse.

It’s clear that the “bug from Tuapse” is attracted by “hot facts” which lay on the surface as a foam on the seawater, and not the solution of deep problems of the state and society – problems which were deliberately created by corrupt officials and their business partners in their insatiable hunger. YACONTO LLC stands against this kind of men. Our website www.yaconto.ru contains huge amount of documents and materials that speak for themselves and do not require any comments of the “bug”, proving his lies, disinformation and slander wrong. Unlike the “Tuapse bug” and the like, owners of many websites are much more clever and cunning in fulfillment of orders for publishing knowingly false information about YACONTO LLC, knowing of serious revenge that may come.

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