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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Russian means for handling international contracts ↓


The intensive development of economies of China and Singapore, countries strikingly different from the perspective of political structure, was made possible due to rigid internal politics of their Leaders, aimed at creating equal conditions for their Citizens – conditions where their creativity and talents can flourish. Having destroyed planned ecomomy and rushed into the wild market economy, the Supreme leadership of Russia lost all available advantages over Western countries. If Russia had no colossal natural resources and powerful mining & extraction industry it inherited from USSR, it would have been long bankrupt and liquidated. China has much less natural resources than Russia, but it is developing successfully. China did not adopt Russian method of economical self-destruction and went its own, carefully planned way. It uses the advantages of planned and market economies smartly and effectively for the benefit of its Citizens. At the same time, the Supreme leadership of China fights corruption mercilessly, including the use of death penalty (not canceled in the U.S.), never giving favors and privileges - not even to the “nomenklatura elite”.

It is striking, with what great confidence in its own abilities and organizational skills, “Russia's ruling elite” and their monopoly business partners sign international agreements on economic cooperation with other States that enjoy abundant natural resources. Russia commits to invest large financial resources into joint projects, lacking those resoures for the development of its own economy and mitigating the consequences of the financial and economic crisis. Redistribution of property and hunt for vast natural resources in Russia and beyond, in the interests of the “Russian elite”, are one of the key reasons for that. How can we expect the crisis to finish, when even a warship in Russia takes 15 and more years to be built, unlike South Korea, where colossal modern tankers and container vessels are built in 8 months and where large commercial seaports are being designed and built – turnkey – in a matter of 1.5 years.

In order to sign international agreements on economic cooperation with developing countries, Russia must have powerful and modern industrial capacity, which is gone – thanks to irresponsible reformers and their accomplices who destroyed Russian economy in 1990s. Despite that, the “ruling elite” and their monopoly business partners hope that the companies they own will be able to handle international contracts, involving Western companies as actual main executors. These “combinations” are unlikely to work. The West and the CIS are not that naive; they will sort out the tricks of cynical and hypocritical adventurers from Russia who seek to acquire monopoly rights for the extraction, mining, processing, transportation and marketing of raw materials of other States, and primarily energy resources. What does Russia’s “business elite” count on, if it failed to do anything “creative” in its own economy?

It’s unlikely that the President and the Prime Minister of Russia have enough time, capacity and skill to manage such a colossal and complex country in a manual mode. Thus, the Supreme leadership of the country should get rid of those people in their inner circle who only distinguished themselves in the field of corruption and compromised themselves by making no real contribution to the socio-economic development of the country and apparent inability to understand what is actually happening. Russia should form a competent, capable government of responsible people, worthy of high-ranking positions in the executive power authorities, and carry out a major personnel reform in the country, reducing the number of officials in the state government bodies 4 (four) times.

Vast financial resources, saved by reducing the huge army of bureaucrats, can be used for a drastic increase in salaries of teachers, doctors, as well as wages of servicemen and law enforcement officers. As for the pensions of Russian Citizens, the entire responsibility for the failed pension reform is on the State itself, as the manager of vast natural and mineral resources of the country, which are a public national treasure that belongs to the Russian people, rather than to the “ruling elite” and its monopoly business partners. Besides, each Russian Citizen has a legal right for a “personal natural rent”. In order to accomplish that, the existing Russian Ministry of Health and Social Development should be split into two independent agencies: Russian Ministry of Health and Russian Ministry of Social Development. The latter should be made responsible for social development, labour and pension matters of Russian Citizens.

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