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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Roads of passion and intensity ↓


Modernization of transport communication between the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg under the umbrella of a unified program for the development of rail, road and air service is long overdue. There should be a comprehensive transport development program, with socio-economic feasibility at its core. Today the capacity of the M10 federal highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg does not meet Russian needs and international standards. There are certain explanations and excuses for this, but the intensity of traffic on the M10 motorway, which grows year to year, confirms the necessity for building an alternative modern high-speed multi-band highway in parallel to M10. This has to be a toll highway, and it should be given in concession to a transport company, which would take full responsibility for the quality of road construction, its operation and safety.

Construction of such highway contradicts to personal interests of many people, which, in turn, are contrary to the interests of socio-economic development of the state, society and business. There are also many people who decided to utilize the construction of a new highway for their personal benefit. They do not care about the damage it deals to Russia and to the region where they live. A part of the expenses on the construction of the toll highway and a part of its future income, as taxes, will be spent on the development of the infrastructure of the regions it passes through; new jobs will be created along the highway. We must also keep in mind that the land, which the new highway will go through, belongs to the country, not the citizens of a particular area, and it’s primarily the Russian Citizens, whose cars will use this highway in millions. The country undoubtedly needs this road, and it will be constructed, no matter where exactly.

Development of roads and their quality significantly affects the timing of delivery, quality and price. If take a look at the roads throughout Russia as a whole, they resemble a washing board with holes and bumps that pass through the collapsing old and shaky new bridges. Once the price of crude oil has risen sharply in the global consumer markets in early XXI century, Russian Ministry of Transport started receiving huge budgets to build new and repair existing roads every year. There are, however, some roads that are marked as bult in the departmental reports, but in fact their construction has not even started. Needless to mention the quality of road repair works across Russia. Fires in central Russia this summer have shown that in many areas even high-passability special cars of the Russian Emergencies Ministry were not capable of firefighting in a timely manner due to lack of roads or their unsuitability for travel.

It is clear that nobody would let Igor Levitin steal public funds alone. This is not why he was made a Russian Minister of Transport. It’s not by accident that while Levitin “reigned” in his “plum”, he was always being protected from criticism and attacks, as if everything is fine and there’s no theft of budget funds. By Law and justice, this “exemplar” should have been long since thrown out of his Minister’s chair and seated on a dock, together with his accomplices, for theft of public funds and undermining of Russia’s economic security. More details about this puppet can be found in the article “Spill or extraction?” of 05.07.2010 on this website. For crimes against state and people, Levitin, together with Anatoly Chubais, Sergey Kiriyenko, Viktor Khristenko, Vladimir Chub and other odious persons, should be held liable and punished, as it would have been done in China and U.S. If we conducted a nationwide survey among Russian citizens, the vast majority would have supported harsh measures against those “leaders”. Today, though, we can still see “phenomena” when “staff rotation” in the higher echelons of state power allows criminals to become heads of profitable state-owned companies and move away from criminal, administrative and financial responsibility for atrocities against the state and nation.

Now, how do we evaluate the unbridled outburst of the Russian Minister for Health and Social Development Tatyana Golikova, who, supposedly with “righteous indignation”, furiously attacked an officer of the Moscow Government who dared to inform the mass-media about multifold mortality increase which occurred in Moscow during the record temperature rise in the capital? Citizens of Moscow and the guests literally suffocated from horrible smog coming from fires in the Moscow region and other regions of Russia. Smog in Moscow was so thick that, at times, one could not see objects within 100 meters; needless to say what it was like to drive. And at the very same time Golikova cynically appeared in the media, making statements about a mortality decrease in Russia. She must have been guided by some “top secret” statistics, known only to a limited number of “managers”. Unfortunately for her, suffocating and dying population of the Moscow megalopolis and adjacent regions did not believe her. It is evident that arch-cynical statements of this high-ranking “exemplar” were made solely in the interests of people who lobbied her appointment as a Minister. Doubtful statistics provided to this lady is apparently more important to her than real-time reports about critical situation in specific reasons. Besides, her personal apartments, office and personal car hardly have problems with fresh air; this is also applicable to her husband – Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Khristenko. The TV-broadcasted recommendation to “shut all the windows and turn on air conditioning”, which is available to less than 1% of the population even in Moscow, was equally insulting.

Economy of the Soviet Union needed modernization and deep reengineering desperately. That’s why most Russian Citizens accepted the proclaimed reforms with tolerance. But only now it has become clear, what the true reason for those reforms was, who benefitted from them and what the outcome was. We witnessed a carving up of colossal public property of an unprecedented scale even by world’s standards, which was carried out for the benefit of a tiny group people from the “ruling, administrative and nomenklatura elite” and their “monopoly business partners” who grabbed nearly all national treasures and resources that belonged to all people of Russia. Cynical and hypocritical “rustlers” do not understand the fact that human history evolves as a spiral; robbed and dispossessed people who have nothing to lose have always dealt with tyrants and rulers ruthlessly. In today’s civilized age of scientific and technical progress, nobody on planet Earth can hide from justified retribution. It is not by accident that concerned people who live far away from Russia, monitor information and materials of www.yaconto.ru and www.yaconto.com very seriously and scrupulously.

The younger generation of Russian Citizens knows nothing about the facts how Boris Yeltsin, having been appointed First Secretary of the Moscow City Committee of Communist Party of Sovier Union, energetically promoting himself as a “simple guy” and a just man, travelled around Moscow in public transport together with ordinary men, under the camera lens. Well, at least it was secure and cheap in 1980s in the USSR: 3 kopecks by tram, 4 kopecks by trolley, 5 kopecks by bus or metro (2, 2.4 and 3 U.S. cents respectively). His life was safe because nobody cared. For reference: in the Soviet Union, position and status of the First Secretary of MCC CPSU were much higher that the Mayor of Moscow is in Russia. After becoming the Russian President, “Tzar Boris” showed off by traveling in an armored limousine escorted by emergency vehicles with a large guard, which Stalin himself would have envied. It is in the interests of the state and the people to conduct a thorough revision of material goods acquired by his family and “inner circle”, give this “phenomenon” an appropriate evaluation and make an according decision in respect of this wealth.

The necessity for a total inspection of sources of income and property owned by Russian officials regardless of ranks and categories is clear. We should develop a declaration form for each officer, which would include a table where one must scrupulously specify all movable and immovable property, including apartment buildings, structures, vehicles, valuables, works of art, personal and anonymous bank accounts, cash, securities and other assets that belong to him, his family and relatives. This declaration must be published in the Internet so that every Russian citizen who possesses “additional trustworthy information” could publish data that the officer concealed from the public. It is also justified to assign a separate field for compromising information, so that competent authorities could double-check the published information and react accordingly. In order to ensure swift actions, it is in the state and public interests to establish special “lightning squads”, accountable only to Russian President directly, who would, figuratively speaking, “burn out the filth with hot iron”.

Today we witness a yet another planned hunt for corrupt officials. The first hunts date back to the times of “Tzar Boris”. But there is no need to analyze the hunt’s results; the rank and the category of the officials who have already been prosecuted is low, and there are no current or former federal ministers or other high-ranking “exemplars” from the Presidential Executive Office and the Russian Government. And that’s despite sheer corruption that flourishes with their direct complicity and has reached unprecedented scale by world’s standards. Moreover, the struggle against corruption is led by those corrupt leaders who have learned very well, whom and when to sacrifice to those who demand “bread and circuses”. Therefore, low-ranking officials are typically sacrificed, perhaps a few guilty from the middle level, while the “sharks” from the upper echelon of power never fall into those “nets”, since they do not weave nets against themselves. But by and large, all this filth and scum is already well-known without any “nets” – they should have been long since arrested with a confiscation of everything they stole from the state and the Russian people, and sentenced to capital punishment in order to discourage others.

In order to secure the balance between the interests of the country and the society, the reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was about renaming “militia” into “police”, should have legally provided to the people the right to establish “people’s militia” in the municipal districts and elect the sheriffs. The U.S. are an excellent example. Article “When are we going to see a police reform ?” posted on www.yaconto.ru on 04.12.2009 contains a basis of the concept that would answer the interests of the sides that are interested in a highly efficient reform. Thus, the opinions of the people expressed during a public discussion of the police reform should be treated by the state as a top priority. Socio-economic development of our country will depend on this reform in the nearest future. The reform also implies a reduction in staff of the Russian Ministry of the Interior, which can be compensated by the creation of a “people’s militia”, which would have functions like those in the United States. Along with a significant increase in powers, the police’s responsibility for the performance of their duties should be significantly increased, too. Rewards for performance of duties must be regular and very significant, but they should not depend on the disposition of the management to subordinates. Failure to perform professional duties and violation of the Law, should be prosecuted; the inevitability and severity of punishment should be on par with the rewards and benefits package.


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