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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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OPEL and ATOMMASH – brothers in misery ↓


Opel and Atommash: brothers in miseryBoard of Directors of the American Corporation General Motors made a decision to keep 35% stake in the German automobile company Opel in the Corporation’s property, another 10% share at the disposal of the staff, and sell 55% stake in Opel to the Magna (Austria-Canada) and Sberbank (Russia) joint venture, 27.5% to each party. But why would the “Russian ruling elite” and their “monopoly business partners” need to acquire shares of Opel through Sberbank of Russia? Russian consumer market has already opened its doors for the Opel brand, and there are more than enough salons for all Opel car models in Russia; selling even more of them under the current market conditions is practically impossible. Relocation of Opel cars manufacturing to Russia is unrealistic on terms set by the agreement with Germany, while assembly of Opel cars in Russia is already not a problem. Besides, assembly plants which already exist or are under construction in Russia, belonging to the European, Asian and the U.S. automotive companies, have their own stable niche in the consumer markets of Russia and are not eager to yield. Making international automobile corporations fight each other is a very bad idea and will have grave consequences for  “Russian ruling elite” and their “monopoly business partners”. Especially since they were the ones who initiated their participation in the assembly and sale of cars in Russia by providing a special favorable economic regime to foreign business.

Russia’s access to advanced technologies and documentation of Opel Corporation will not allow the GAZ Group, the “programmed shareholder”, to enjoy profits which the Russian monopolists, with the support from an administrative resource, are used to. The true reason for this deal is that Sberbank of Russia is very interested in an additional revenue from cheap loans, in the amount of billions of Euro, allocated by Germany. Commercial banking operations in Russia, with interest rates much higher than in Europe, will bring to Sberbank several times more profit than the purchase of shares of the Opel company.

But Germany must remember that during the period of failed reforms in Russia in 1990-s, Russian "ruling elite" built up great experience in seizure of businesses through intentional, artificial bankruptcies, in the interests of their "monopoly business partners". A striking example: earmarked loans issued from the federal budget to Russia’s nuclear engineering flagship Atommash OJSC in order to support its economic and production activity, passed through the bank account of Atommash to third-party businesses. Then, via an elaborate scheme, the funds came back to Atommash OJSC – this time, issued by other entities at exorbitant interest rates.  Combined with other criminal actions of the top executives of Atommash OJSC and corrupt officials on federal and regional level, this resulted in a planned bankruptcy of the industrial giant. More information can be found in the “Food for Thought” section of www.yaconto.ru (in Russian).

The current Russian ruling elite’s desire to be thankful to the family of the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin for their success, and their desire to help his son-in-law Oleg Deripaska acquire shares of Opel Corporation for GAZ Group is plain to see.  Besides, the Basic Element Company owned by Oleg Deripaska experiences great difficulties. Ruling elite of the state, who could not have possibly dreamt of ascending to the heights of power a few years before, have to repay the lavish gifts received from “Tzar Boris”. From those heights, “Russian celestials” shamelessly commit large-scale anti-state crimes, without fear of legal retribution. How else can we explain to Russian citizens outrageous frauds they commit?

For example, in May 2007, Oil Company Rosneft JSC bought an office building, formerly owned by the oil Company Yukos, from a “dummy broker” Prana LLC for the equivalent of 3.4 billion U.S. dollars. The maximum price for this standard 22-storey concrete box would be around 100 million U.S. dollars. Hence, the building has been bought for at least 34 (thirty-four) times its market value. By Russian Laws, a deal for such a “costly object” was to be considered by the Board of Directors of Oil Company Rosneft JSC. And since the deal clearly caused great damage to the company and the state, the executive management of the company should be held criminally liable. Therefore, the Board of Directors was involved in this scheme and had a reason to cover it. The State which had a controlling stake in Oil Company Rosneft JSC suffered colossal damage. But at the same time, the state itself – more specifically, officials from controlling agencies – never took any action to verify and prevent this unprecedented deal. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Fradkov should have been made aware of a deal of such scale.

Another impressive example is the presentation made by Gazprom JSC in early 2009, which officially announced the amount of 25 billion Euro as the cost of the “South Stream” pipeline. Independent international experts estimated the “South Stream” at 8 billion Euro, which is 3 times less than the amount announced by Gazprom. The “ruling elite” and their monopoly business partners will get all “margin” from the implementation of this project, while Russia and its citizens will get all the expenses on the construction of this truly “golden” pipeline and a “donut hole”. All corporations, companies and enterprises where Russia, directly or indirectly, owns shares, are in reality out of State and, certainly, out of public control. Control over property acquired abroad, ostensibly in Russia’s economic interests, is out of question. Russia is being robbed by those who sell to Russia something they previously stole from her. Highest echelons of power in Russia are teeming with crooks.

Venezuela and Russia signed major diversified agreements aimed at socio-economic development, defense and security. The conditions of those agreements suggest that only Russia’s ruling elite and their monopoly business partners will enjoy great revenues. Russia itself will only receive profit from the sale of military equipment. Shipping military enginery to Venezuela, Russian monopoly business gets access to vast natural resources and minerals of Venezuela. Monopolizing extraction, processing and export of Venezuelan oil and gas, Russian ruling elite will re-sell those goods through its monopoly business partners – and, primarily, to the United States as the biggest consumer of raw materials. Colossal revenues obtained by Russian monopoly businesses through commercial activity in Venezuela, will be a priori outside of Russia’s control and will not contribute to Russia’s budget. These revenues and their consecutive usage will be outside of Russia’s jurisdiction.

Speaking of financial support that Russia is going to provide to Venezuela, it is not clear, where from Russia is about to take billions of U.S. dollars, having a severe funding gap. Russia’s budget also has a deficit – but, apparently, only for the state itself and for the society. Therefore, funding for the implementation of signed agreements with Venezuela will be found in the sources which are out of State and public control.

In order to extract and process abundant natural resources and hydrocarbons of Venezuela successfully, Russian monopoly business would require high-end technologies and modern high-tech equipment. But such equipment is not produced in Russia anymore, since Russia’s industrial facilities were destroyed by anti-state actions of the country’s reformers in 1990-s. Hence, our smart and crafty businessmen will purchase this equipment from foreign manufacturers in Europe, U.S. and Asia, shipping to them Venezuela’s raw materials in return.

All those disguised and classified schemes are plain to see as stars in the sky on a clear night. Russian ruling elite and their monopoly business partners are planning to reapply Venezuelan partnerships schemes in other countries of Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, which have plentiful natural and mineral resources. At the same time, colossal revenues obtained through cunning schemes and combinations, will be used by cynical Russian rustlers to ruin, bankrupt and acquire liquid companies and corporations around the world, and in particular, in Europe, U.S. and Asia. Works of art, luxury goods, valuables, movable and immovable property, including houses, castles, palaces, islands, territories, etc, will also be subject to rampant buying. And then cynical and hypocritical “rulers of the world” from Russia will start appointing controlled “vassals” to rule the countries which find themselves in the zone of special interest of Russian ruling elite and their monopoly business partners.   

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