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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Who should not be living well in Russia ↓


It’s time to find out who carried out the “economical reforms” in Russia, what the goal of this endeavor was and who stood behind it. We can obtain specific proof if we analyze the process of the premeditated bankruptcy and liquidation of Russia’s nuclear engineering flagship, facilitated by members of an Organized crime group (OCG) of corrupt officials. In mid-90s, the “bureaucratic elite” of federal and regional level, with the help from irresponsible corrupt officials and their accomplices, organized a seizure and a intentional bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC, where the State held 30% stock.

On 25.11.1999 the industrial giant was forcibly liquidated. The OCG  members dealt colossal economical damage to Russia and undermined Atommash’s business relations with investors and potential strategic partners – primarily, with the Middle East countries. On the basis of assets of Atommash OJSC, the OCG members illegally established an enterprise called “EMK-Atommash” JSC, 100% share in which was received by “Energomashcorporatsiya” OJSC (EMK OJSC). Consecutively, EMK OJSC was reorganized as “Energomashcorporatsiya” JSC (EMK JSC) and re-registered to a town of Velsk in Arkhangelsk Region; after a while, the assets have been withdrawn into an offshore zone. Detailed information can be found in the Resolution of the College of Russian Audit Chamber (out. № 6(289) of 22.02.2002).

By the suggestion of Sergey Kiriyenko, the General Director of State Nuclear Energy Corporation “Rosatom”, in March 2009 “EMK-Atommash” JSC was visited by Sergey Sobyanin – Deputy Chairman & Head of the Presidential Directorate. They reviewed its production facilities, which used to be owned by Atommash OJSC, and discussed the future of “EMK-Atommash” JSC and the plan to save it with its current “dummy proprietor” Alexander Stepanov. The reason for this was the statement made on 26.04.2007 by Russian President V.V. Putin: “In our country for the entire – can’t stress this enough – for the entire Soviet period, we built 30 nuclear power units. Now, over the next 12 years, we also plan to build 26 units, and – based on the most advanced technologies”.

One month prior to V.V. Putin’s statement, YACONTO LLC mentioned in its Report on YACONTO Integrated program, presented in Tuapse city on 21.03.2007 on the “offsite” Session of the Commission for National Maritime Policy of the Federation Council, the following: “Currently there’s a question raised on the federal level – question of the necessity of returning the assets of the former Atommash OJSC to state property through their purchase at market prices from the current actual owners, who deliberately destroyed, bankrupted, and obtained this a unique venture for a pittance in 1995 – 1999” (p. 22). The Report, which made the "organizers" of the Session make a wry face, contained compromising information that “nomenklatura”, their accomplices and cronies didn’t want to hear. It’s not by chance that at this so-called “offsite” Session of the Commission, “chairing” Senator V.A. Popov prematurely interrupted the speaker, so most of the report was not presented. Details of this “Session” were described in a letter from YACONTO LLC to the Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia S.M. Mironov (out. № 1-70416 from 16.04.2007) and in other documents.

Those OCG members who managed to preserve their influence on the new bureaucratic elite and their monopoly business partners, continue their anti-Russian activity. It’s not a problem to identify those criminals, since everybody knows them well. Those who profited from the bankruptcy fraud of Atommash OJSC, wanted to profit even more, but this time through the purchase of “EMK-Atommash” JSC stock from its current “dummy owners” by the State, through Rosatom’s structure. Sergey Sobyanin’s visit to this facility was carefully planned by Sergey Kiriyenko and OCG members interested in this “behind-the-scenes” deal for a good reason.

It is very important to make sure that the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin get true information about the way Atommash OJSC was deliberately bankrupted by the scheme developed and applied by OCH members, and about their plot to carry out a criminal deal – allegedly, serving the State interests – purchase of “EMK-Atommash” JSC stock by State Corporation Rosatom. This time, the assets are planned to be purchased at market price; its debt to creditors will be liquidated at the expense of the State and Russian taxpayers. The illegal deal will bring colossal revenues to OCG members and certain officials.

Therefore, instead of committing this criminal transaction, the State should come back to investigating the bankruptcy case of Atommash OJSC. For this, it is necessary to instruct law enforcement agencies to conduct a real (not fake) investigation of the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC. After obtaining confirmation that the bankruptcy of the company was intentional, the illegal decision of the Arbitration Court of Rostov region in 1999 on bankruptcy and liquidation of Atommash OJSC, must be challenged. 30% of the shares of Atommash OJSC must be returned to the State, and the damage caused to Atommash, its shareholders and the State itself, must be compensated by the guilty party.

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