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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Russia’s natural monopolies: a pipeline with incuts ↓


Today Russia’s natural monopolies resemble a pipeline with multiple incuts, through which the streams are sorted. This brings colossal revenues, but only to those few selected who created a “special status” and privileges for themselves in Russia. Companies and corporations, owned or controlled by the Russian “ruling elite” and there monopoly business partners, are the “fittest” that survive. For example, indeed, Russia needs to develop and increase production of metal and pipes, but should this really be carried out only under the umbrella of those natural monopoly projects which benefit the selected few “real beneficiaries”?

Pompous projects, actively advertised around the world through controlled mass media, are lobbied in their interests. However, if we build and start using pipelines under Baltic and Black seas, who would be able to protect them from natural or technogenic disasters or sabotage? They prefer not to discuss those questions, since dozens of billions of U.S. dollars and Euro invested in those colossal projects can turn out to be vast material losses for Russia and its people. While the chiefs and “real owners” of natural monopolies will only lose future revenues and not their own equity which they prefer to keep safe.

Of course, if the pipelines protected by the Russian Navy, Space Forces and other branches of the Russian Military are never blown up, and natural or man-made catastrophes never occur, all expenses for the construction of pipelines will be reimbursed to Russia by consumers from the European Union. And the colossal revenues and profits will be obtained by the Russian “ruling elite” and their monopoly business partners, who have de facto become managers of the national heritage of Russia and its deceived people. That’s why they seek to pay as little as possible to the transit States, making big fuss, scandals and provocations about it.

Those self-styled managers, allegedly acting in the federal interests, are carrying out hasty sales and privatizations of richest natural resources in the world in order to obtain colossal “gray” income and, thus, seize vast Russian spaces and turn Russian people into “proper” slaves. The dependence of European Union on raw materials will result in the following: profits obtained from sale of oil and gas to EU will be used to purchase assets in the very same countries. But the wheeler-dealers of the XXI century have no brakes; they will not stop after swallowing the Western Europe – under the guise of the need to defend their geo-economical and geopolitical interests, they will want to impose their own “new world order” to the whole Planet, which, as usual, will result in chaos and massacres all over the world.

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