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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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In Memoriam: Maslyukov Yuri Dmitrievich ↓


My acquaintance and meetings with the Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for Industry, Maslyukov Yuri Dmitrievich, began after the Deputy of the Russian State Duma, Komoedov Vladimir Petrovich, asked him to evaluate the nongovernmental investment YACONTO Integrated Program in January 2008. Admiral Vladimir Komoedov used to be a Commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, and was perfectly aware of the issues around the stationing of Black Sea Fleet warships in Ukraine, related to Agreements of 1997, onerous and humiliating for Russia, for stationing in Sevastopol till 2017. Being a professional, he understood the naval part of the Program very well. Having handed to Maslyukov numerous documents and materials on this topic, Komoedov wanted to get an independent assessment of the civil part of this program.

Photo of Maslyukov

I first met Y.D. Maslyukov after he studied the presented materials of the YACONTO Integrated Program. Maslyukov openly expressed a positive opinion on the Program and pointed out that, in order to implement a program of such scale, it is essential to attract dozens of design bureaus and project institutions, as well as manufacturers of different equipment; he believed the Program will cause a significant economic effect and will help solve social issues in country’s South and beyond. He also mentioned that the implementation of the Program would be impossible without full support from the supreme leadership of the country and without the agreement of the “ruling party”. If the Communist Party (CPRF) starts openly supporting the YACONTO Integrated Program, the members of “United Russia” will start opposing it on principle. Now, if the “United Russia” openly supports the program, he said, the CPRF, possessing considerable professional workforce, can provide high-class experts and specialists of different profiles for its implementation.

Another important prerequisite for my confidential talk with Maslyukov was a personal request of Dementsev Viktor Vladimirovich – First Deputy and Acting Minister of Finance of USSR. Dementsev was fully aware of the YACONTO Integrated Program and consulted me on related funding topics. Y.D. Maslyukov had great respect for V.V. Dementsev, besides, they had a mutual contact – a legendary figure of N.K. Baibakov (1911 – 2008), Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Chairman of the State Planning Committee of USSR who, in turn, was the closest colleague of A.N. Kosygin himself, the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of USSR. Dementsev, who was relocated to Moscow in the 1960s by Kosygin’s decree, believed that Maslyukov is a political and public figure whose opinion cannot be disregarded even by his current ideological rivals.

At my meeting with Y.D. Maslyukov regarding YACONTO Integrated Program, I inquired him about his opinion about Atommash. He answered that the decision on building of the industrial association Atommash was made on the highest possible level of power – the Politburo of Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Maslyukov and Dementsev knew very well, how many billions were spent by the State on the nuclear engineering giant with its modern infrastructure, and what it took to build it. Moreover, Maslyukov mentioned that on top of colossal material resources and funding, Atommash attracted huge scientific potential and high-end technologies. Tens of thousands of high qualification workers and specialists have been attracted from the entire Soviet Union, and worked not only on Atommash, but also on other enterprises of the new Volgodonsk city, created together with modern social infrastructure for the successful development of Rostov region and the country itself.

I also asked Mr. Maslyukov, why he didn’t reply to the appeal of Concern YACONTO JSC (out. №9-11-PKYA from 09.11.1998), addressed to him personally, when he used to be the First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia. This letter described the critical situation on Atommash OJSC, but it was still possible to save the company from the intentional bankruptcy and liquidation. Moreover, the appointment of E.M. Primakov the Prime Minister of Russia provided a real opportunity to prevent the bankruptcy of Atommash and to prosecute the OCG participants who took a part in it. Y.D. Maslyukov replied that, regrettably, he didn’t see the letter from the Concern, and couldn’t have possibly seen it because he received hundreds of letters with complaints from all over the country every day.

I told Maslyukov that Concern YACONTO received a cynical reply from G.K. Tal – Head of the Federal Office for Insolvency (Bankruptcy) Proceedings of Russia (out. №GT-04/3468 from 23.12.1998), where this “functionary” counterfeited something hardly intelligible by distorting the facts. Based on documents forged by his accomplices from OCG, G.K. Tal indirectly accused me of complicity in the bankruptcy of Atommash, however, not OJSC, but JSC. In response for this knowingly false letter from FOIP of Russia, Concern YACONTO JSC wrote an Addendum (out. №12-2-PKYA from 12.02.1999) to the previously sent appeal (out. №9-11-PKYA from 09.11.1998to the Government of Russia regarding the criminal anti-state activity of Georgiy Tal himself, as well as his accomplices in anti-Russian reforms Alfred Koch and Peter Mostovoy, who contributed to the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC. In my appeal I asked to conduct a very thorough investigation of the process leading to intended bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC, using, however, alternative sources of information.

The investigation took place, but, unfortunately, only a year after the liquidation of Atommash OJSC. The basis for testing was an appeal from the State Duma Committee on Industry, Construction, Transport and High Technology (out. №3.11-21/1312 from 21.10.2000) led by Y.D. Maslyukov, to the Audit Chamber of Russia. The results of the auditing conducted by the Audit Chamber of Russia proved the fact of anti-state activities of the OCG group, aimed at undermining of economic and energy security of Russia. The auditing showed that with the complicity of specific officials the State suffered enormous material damage. In particular, the State lost 30% stake in Atommash OJSC. Based on the auditing results, the College of the Audit Chamber of Russia issued a Resolution №6(289) from 22.02.2002. Y.D. Maslyukov also informed me that the bitterest opponents of the investigation of the bankruptcy fraud of Atommash OJSC did everything to ensure the materials received from the Audit Chamber of Russia are disregarded in the State Duma of Russia, the Government and the Presidential Executive Office of Russia.

Having discussed the bankruptcy of Atommash, Y.D. Maslyukov and I came to a general agreement that it is necessary to come back to the question of restoring the status quo of Atommash OJSC. Therefore, for the sake of law and justice, it was necessary to bring accurate information to Supreme leadership of the State, so they can act accordingly. We prepared a draft of the article about the bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC, which was to be published by mass media. Matching of the final version of the text with Y.D. Maslyukov was scheduled for 05.04.2010, but fate had a different way. On 01.04.2010 Yury Dmitrievich passed away.

Sergey P. Yakunin

President of YACONTO LLC


 09.11.1998 - Concern YACONTO JSC to Government of RF Maslyukov YD (on situation on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 23.11.1998 - Government of RF Maslyukov YD to FSDN RF, MSP RF, Minatom RF, etc (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 23.12.1998 - Head of FSDN RF Tal GK to Government of RF (disinformation about ATOMMASH OJSC)

 31.12.1998 - Government of RF Maslyukov YD to FSDN RF, MSP RF, Minatom RF, etc (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 12.02.1999 - Concern YACONTO JSC to Government of RF Maslyukov YD (on situation on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 13.03.2001 - SD RF Sokol SM to YACONTO LLC (on bankruptcies of ATOMMASH OJSC and SALUT JSC)

 13.03.2001 - SD RF Sokol SM to Audit Chamber of RF Sokolov VS (on ATOMMASH OJSC and SALUT JSC)

 13.03.2001 - SD RF Sokol CM to SD Anti-corruption committee Kovalyov ND (on ATOMMASH OJSC)

 15.03.2001 - SD RF Ivanchenko LA to RF Security Council Ivanov SB (ATOMMASH OJSC and SALUT JSC)

 28.03.2001 - Security Council of Russia Fradkov ME to Russian Government Khristenko VB (on letter from SD RF)

 12.04.2001 - SD RF Ivanchenko LA to PRP RF in Southern FD Kazantsev VG (on ATOMMASH OJSC and SALUT JSC)

 22.02.2002 - Report of the Audit Chamber of RF №6(289) to SD RF on bankruptcy of ATOMMASH OJSС (excerpt)

 16.01.2008 - YACONTO LLC to the President of RF Putin V.V. (on YACONTO IP and ATOMMASH OJSC)

 14.02.2008 - SD RF Komoedov VP to RF General Prosecutor Chaika Y.Y. (on support of YACONTO IP)

 14.02.2008 - SD RF Komoedov VP to RF Government Zubkov VA (on support of YACONTO IP)

 28.04.2008 - ILDHDS Varennikov VI to SD RF Shestakov VB (on support of YACONTO IP)

 28.05.2008 - SD RF Shestakov VB to Governor of Krasnodar Territory Tkachev AN (on YACONTO IP)

 09.06.2008 - SD RF Komoedov VP to MinTrans RF Levitin IE (on MinTrans RF and YACONTO IP)

 26.06.2008 - SD RF Komoedov VP to GS RF Makarov NE (meeting on YACONTO IP)

 31.08.2008 - Former Minister of Finance of USSR Dementsev V.V to SD RF Shestakov VB (on YACONTO IP)

 09.09.2008 - SD RF Shestakov VB to Prime Minister of RF Putin V.V. (on support of YACONTO IP)

 13.03.2012 - SD RF Shestakov VB to Ambassador of RF in UK Yakovenko AB (implementation of YACONTO IP)


Note: two years after this article was written, the State Central Museum of Contermporary Art of Russia commemorated Mr. Maslyukov's 75-th anniversary by an exhibition with a telling title: "To be yourself and never retreat".

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