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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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On 17.09.2009 the U.S. President Barack Obama made and announced a decision that was very important for Russia and the entire Europe. He abandoned the plans to deploy anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe, including the construction of a high-tech radar in the Czech Republic and deployment of 10 missile interceptors in Poland. This pivotal political decision of the U.S. President’s Administration provides grounds for negotiations around a drastic planet-wide nuclear disarmament proposed by Barack Obama. Allocation of huge loan funds for the U.S. citizens to stimulate the country’s small and medium businesses, under President Obama’s anti-crisis plan, is equally important to bring the U.S. out of the financial and economic crisis.

Withdrawal of the coalition forces from Iraq would lead to a settlement of U.S. relations with the countries of the Middle East and many other countries. Settlement of mutual claims in foreign trade between the U.S. and China will lead to positive changes in the relationship and mutual growth in their turnover. The U.S. participation in major integrated programs of socio-economic development of Asian, African, Latin American and Middle East countries, with a balance of interests and trust, will provide the U.S with prospects of long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. The tremendous capacity of industrial, scientific and technological potential of the U.S. and its strategic partners will be loaded for years to come. In the end, the positive activity of the U.S. will strengthen the U.S. dollar on the world financial markets and bolster trust to the currency, despite existing strong international and regional currencies, as well as those which will soon be established in Asia and Middle East. Thus, the implementation of the national program of socio-economic development of the U.S. will help it swiftly escape the financial crisis, which will be beneficial to the world’s economy and politics.

Unlike the U.S. leadership, “Russian ruling elite” cares only about it itself and its monopoly business partners, cynically demonstrating they care about the multinational Russian people. Their cynical lies and blatant disinformation that their actions led to a stabilization of financial and economic situation in Russia in the 3rd quarter of 2009, pours like a torrential rain onto the heads of Russian citizens from mass media, controlled by the ruling elite. But they hold back a very important factor that this stabilization has occurred due to a significant rise in hydrocarbon prices on global consumer markets, which saved the Russian economy from a collapse. Therefore, it is no accident that the central TV channels only present carefully selected, “filtered” information about “development” in the country, industry, agriculture and science. Standalone “islands of civilization” and rare cases of exemplary production in the vast territory of Russia are cynically presented as typical examples of widespread social and economic development and “welfare”. But thousands of situations like the Pikalyovo acciednt, taking place in many towns and cities across the country, are not shown.

Arbitrariness, lawlessness, corruption, ruin, poverty, hunger, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution and crime are considered a norm of life by the state authorities, who have brought Russian citizens to desperation with their criminal policy, carried out by the “ruling, official and nomenklatura elites” and their business partners. Over and over again these “leaders” assure the Russian people that they take care of them day and night, but instead throw “gnawed bones from the master's table” to them, and hypocritically call for increased birth rates to obtain more submissive slaves for labor. They know that the extinction of the native population can lead to the occupation of the Russia by gastarbeiters and other migrants from abroad, who may someday proclaim their leader head of State. And that’s while the world community discusses an important issue of overpopulation of the planet and the methods to solve this global problem.

There’s no need for costly World Wars and casualties to seize the colossal territory of Russia, rich in natural and mineral resources – one just has to wait till its economy ultimately collapses and the native population of the country dies out to a sufficient extent – that would do the trick. In truth, by that time the corrupt “ruling elite” and its monopoly business partners will try to pillage “Sovereign Russia” completely, ruin its ecology in parallel, and then, together with the “heirs of their glorious deeds”, servile sycophants and hangers, like a locust swarm, will move to other areas of the planet, where the civilization thrives, to “devour other people's crops”. And at the same time, this scum tries to spend their leisure time “in heavenly tabernacles”, untouched and unspoiled by the “rabid civilization” they created.

As previously mentioned in the “Various essentials” section of www.yaconto.ru (in Russian), the entire responsibility for the unprecedented scale crash on Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP will be taken not by Anatoly Chubais and his team members who managed RAO “UES of Russia” in a monopoly mode, but the scapegoats. This time, the role of scapegoats had to be played by the top management of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, who, allegedly, seized the colossal power generating company in their mercenary interests. Interesting, though – for some reason, those in RAO “UES of Russia” who created conditions for uncontrolled management and operation of SSHPP, were not even under suspicion of being involved in an accident, not to mention being brought to criminal responsibility and liability. Members of the State Commission, investigating the accident at the SSHPP, did whatever they could to shield their departments, whose leadership has been guilty of having no proper control over the operation and maintenance of this biggest energy complex in Russia, which is not a “private shop”. One more thing – where have the law enforcement and supervisory agencies been looking before the SSHPP disaster?

Russian bureaucratic elite and its monopoly business partners have long learned how to distort facts and make mountains out of molehills – and vise versa. Another strange episode was the event with the MV Arctic Sea cargo ship, allegedly boarded by “pirates” in the Atlantic Ocean. The merchant vessel was owned by a Latvian company and was sailing under a Maltese flag. The whole story is very strange, suspicious and mysterious, especially taking into consideration that the ship carried from Finland to Algeria nothing but sawn pine timber, the total value of which was just 1.3 million Euro – a relatively insignificant amount. Russia’s statements denied any relation to the ship, since the ship and its cargo do not belong to the Russian side. However, it was Russia that expressed significant interest in the search for MV Arctic Sea and its seizure 300 miles off the Cape Verde Islands on 17.08.2009.

Having used warships and nuclear submarines of the Russian Navy, as well as space reconnaissance, for the search of Arctic Sea, Russia spent much a lot of money. But what for, and in whose interests? For some reason, the inspection of the cargo was conducted in the open sea, away from prying eyes, and not in a seaport. Moreover, the staff of the Investigative Committee of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Russia strongly prevented the representatives of the Maltese maritime administration to board the ship. It was not until 11.09.2009 that the Maltese delegation was allowed to board. At the very same time, the ship’s owned declared bankruptcy in an emergency mode. After that, Malta refused to give permission for access to the “Las-Palmas” port (Canary Islands, Spain) to the Arctic Sea vessel, and deprived it of the Maltese flag.

The above information only illustrates a complete mess and lawlessness going on in Russia, conducted by the ruling elite in the interests of their monopoly business partners. All of that is covered by events, presentations and discussions in the media carried out by so-called Russian experts, analysts, advisers, consultants, politicians, journalists, reporters and other “public”, carefully planned and paid from the budget and extrabudgetary funds (which implies a shortfall for country’s budgets). Personal benefit makes the “bought” specialists defend any position, anywhere and at all times. These hypocritical puppets, foam at mouth, shout about “double standards” adopted in the West – but never in Russia.

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