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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Expert conclusion of FSE RI FRCEC on YACONTO Integrated Program ↓


RF President's Councillor AG Burutin

At the request of the Advisor to the President of Russian Federation Alexander Burutin (currently First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces), Federal state agency “Research institute – Federal scientific & consulting center of expertise” – FSE RI FRCEC (RF, Moscow) of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Science has prepared an Expert conclusion of 02.08.2004 on the nongovernmental investment YACONTO Integrated Program, which confirmed the expediency of the program and necessity for its implementation in Russia. See below excerpts from the Expert conclusion which are still actual:

“… The tragic events of September 11, 2001 and the beginning of military action in Afghanistan and then Iraq have turned the world’s public opinion, which sharply realized the need to fight with terrorism and to protect innocent people from the extremists. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of colossal new challenges, among which raises a fundamental global problem of supplying developed countries with energy resources, primarily oil and gas. This is a critical vulnerable link of international economic relations. The current threat of the oil embargo and energy crisis is an ongoing dread of industrialized nations, the main consumers of oil and gas.

To protect against energy blackmail and to ensure the reliability of the global energy system, it is necessary to use all the transport options for the delivery of Russian energy resources to the advanced industrial countries. We must also take into account the increasing demand for dry cargo flows through the Black Sea ports of Russia. The Integrated program is aimed at addressing the energy security of the industrialized world, strengthening Russia’s position in the international division of labor, protection of the southern borders of Russia on the Black Sea coast, prevention of military threats and suppression of terrorist acts, smuggling of drugs, weapons and other products. ...

“… Russia is becoming globally competitive on the world market of transportation services and must use its own vehicles for the export of domestic products to foreign markets and imports of foreign goods for domestic consumption. … Bureaucratic delays in the adoption of a fundamental decision to support the YACONTO Integrated Program lead to huge losses for the country worth tens of billions of dollars a year due to a shortage of Russian transportation services. ...

The so-called “gas conflict” emerged in late 2008 due to a destructive position of Ukrainian leadership. Grave consequences for the European union due to comparatively small shortage in shipments of Russian gas confirm that the acute problem of energy security must be solved as soon as possible, and in particular, through the implementation of the promising YACONTO Integrated Program. In order to ensure coordinated economic development of Krasnodar Territory and Southern Russia as a whole, through rational use of Azov – Black Sea basin, to provide Russia with efficient access to land, sea and ocean transport arteries of the Planet, under the umbrella of a nongovernmental investment YACONTO Integrated Program, it is proposed to implement the full range of interrelated and complementary projects, listed in the YACONTO List of Projects of 09.05.2005.

The said List includes a construction of a major “Commercial Black Sea port YACONTO” in Tuapse region of South Russia, an industrial zone and developed modern infrastructure, including a modern high-speed multi-lane highway outside of residential areas, construction of oil and gas pipelines alongside the highway, leading into the industrial zone, for processing of oil and gas and subsequent shipment of finished products to foreign consumers through the YACONTO Port.

This is to avoid very large material and financial costs of construction of expensive deepwater pipelines through transit countries and neutral waters; it will contribute to the development of merchant marine fleets, shipbuilding and industry; minimize the risks of cargo delivery to the end users by eliminating the possibility of blockade of transportation due to economic and political environment of States hostile to Russia. In order to secure the cargo transportation by water, the YACONTO Integrated Program also envisions Russian Black Sea Fleet warships patrolling main routes of civilian ships on the seas and oceans of the planet. More detailed information can be found in the YACONTO Explanatory Note of 09.05.2008.

Sergey Yakunin, President of YACONTO LLC


 29.07.2004 - Advisor to President of RF Burutin AG to FSE RI RRSCCE (conclusion on YACONTO IP)

 02.08.2004 - Expert conclusion of FSE RI FRCEC on YACONTO Integrated Program

 02.08.2004 - FSE RI RRSCCE to Advisor to the President of RF Burutin AG (on significance of IP)

 27.10.2004 - MinDef RF Baluyevski YN to Advisor to President of RF Burutin AG (on YACONTO IP)

 07.12.2004 - MinDef RF Baluyevski YN to YACONTO LLC (on YACONTO Integrated Program)

 27.01.2005 - Analytical Note of the Military Academy of Russian GS AF on YACONTO IP

 26.02.2005 - CINC of RF Navy Admiral of the Fleet Kuroedov VI to YACONTO LLC (on YACONTO IP)

 List of Projects of the YACONTO Integrated Program from 09.05.2005 (YACONTO Port + TNB)

 List of Projects of the YACONTO Integrated Program from 04.11.2006 (YACONTO Port no TNB)

 07.02.2007 - Reference for YACONTO Port and TNB with common infrastructure (Variant 1)

 07.02.2007 - Reference for YACONTO Port with extensive infrastructure (Variant 2)

 14.02.2008 - SD RF Komoedov VP to GS of Russian AF Baluyevskiy YN (on support of YACONTO IP)

 17.03.2008 - SD RF Komoedov VP to GS of Russian AF Burutin AG (on support of YACONTO IP)

 Additions from 10.04.2008 to List of Projects of YACONTO Integrated Program from 09.05.2005

 Explanatory Note of 09.05.2008 for the YACONTO Integrated Program to LP 09.05.2005

 Addendum from 03.02.2009 to Explanatory Note from 09.05.2008 for YACONTO Integrated Program


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