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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Who is behind the bankruptcy of ATOMMASH? ↓



Establishment of Atommash was one of the priority tasks for the country in 1976–1980, as outlined in the statement of main directions of development of the Soviet economy: “Create and utilize the first tier capacities of the Volgodonsk Heavy Machinery Plant and initiate the deployment of the second tier of the plant”. By decision of the Central Committee of CPSU (Communist Party of Soviet Union), deployment of Atommash was proclaimed a “Union-wide Komsomol construction project”. The statement of main directions of the economy and social development of USSR in 1981–1985 clearly sets a priority: “Employ the capacities of Atommash plant”. Production, transport and social infrastructure of an unprecedented scale, including the modern city of Volgodonsk, road, railroad and air communication, large-scale farms, livestock and poultry enterprises were established to support the activities of Atommash.

Detailed information of unique capabilities of Atommash OJSC can be found in the Attachment to the Letter of Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia to a foreign investor (out. №7-24 from 21.01.1997). To build Atommash and equip it with modern high-tech equipment, to create scientific and technical products, and to establish a single integrated infrastructure necessary for its production activities, 12 Billion rubles were spent, which equaled to $17.8 Billion (seventeen point eight billion U.S. dollars) according to the official exchange rate of the Bank of Russia on 01.01.1981. Taking into account inflation and changes in purchasing power of U.S. dollar over the past 30 years, the funds initially invested in Atommash and its infrastructure total to $122.8 Billion (one hundred and twenty-two point eight billion U.S. dollars), with a coefficient of 6.9. It is no accident that Atommash, the flagship of USSR’s nuclear engineering, was named after the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev during his life.

By the Order of the Government of Russian Federation (№1542-r of 21.08.1992) State Owned Enterprise Industrial Association “Atommash” was transformed into an Open Joint Stock Company “Atommash” (Atommash OJSC). At privatization of Atommash the price of its tangible and intangible assets has been set according to a formal accounting residual value, although the real value of this giant was many times higher. After corporatization, Atommash retained its special status of an enterprise of a federal importance and its place on the list of strategic objects that are not subject to bankruptcy. Despite of that, participants of an Organized criminal group (OCG) of corrupt officials at federal and regional levels carried out an unprecedented operation of deliberate bankruptcy and liquidation of Atommash OJSC in the selfish interests of a limited group of officials and competitors of the industrial giant abroad. For this purpose Energomashcorporation OJSC (Moscow) was used. More information about this is described in “Novaya Gazeta” (outgoing №50 dated 13.05.2000) in the article “A very illusory investor” and in the Regulation of the Audit Chamber of Russia (outgoing №6(289) from 22.02.2002).

It is no accident that the truth about deliberate bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC has been suppressed and hidden for a long time from Vladimir Putin as Russian President and Prime Minister of Russia and from Dmitry Medvedev as Russian President by OCG members and the Governor of Rostov region Vladimir Chub. Concealment of truth and misinformation are being carried out by people from their own “inner circle”. The reason is that among the ranks of people involved in this extremely grave anti-state offense we find not only the high-ranking officials of the 1990s, but also those in the Presidential Executive Office of Russia and the Russian Government who cover the state criminals for their own advantage, using the “mutual guarantee” and having private benefits. Because of such entourage, Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin have to manage the State in the “manual mode”.

Failures of test launches of RSM-56 Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missiles are merely consequences, while we should look for reasons. During 1990-s, Russian defense industry was deliberately destroyed and the country’s defense capability was undermined, with the complicity of “reformers” and their collaborators, including the Governor of Rostov region Vladimir Chub. A modern defense enterprise Salut JSC (Volgodonsk, Rostov region), which produced special items of radio-electronic warfare and reconnaissance for surface ships and submarines of the Russian Navy, and was eliminated by OCG members, is an shining example of the above.

Are those special items still being manufactured in Russia, or are they purchased from abroad? Whatever vast amounts of money we allocate to restore our military industrial complex, the results will be unsatisfying, since the defense industry as a whole was put off balance, apart from leakage of secrets and brain drain. And the guilty, including “exemplars” like Chub, haven’t been punished yet. Instead, he is a welcome guest in certain “chambers” of the Presidential Executive Office and Russian Government. Vladimir Chub knows how to obtain governmental assistance and subsidies – allegedly, for the support of economy and social sector of Rostov region – which many Governors of other Russian regions could only envy.

The secret of Chub’s skill to always remain “afloat” is simple – he knows when, where and to whom to be “grateful”. That’s why corrupt officials do not care if the said assistance and subsidies are being misused. Contrary to the merits attributed to him, Chub did not do anything to save Rostselmash JSC, since the money to support this major manufacturer of agricultural harvesting machinery have been allocated at direct instructions of Russian President - and, subsequently, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin personally, who had to keep the use of those money and the sale of manufactured equipment under personal control, since financial and economic crisis in Russia demanded non-standard schemes and decisions. This is just one example of Putin’s manual control instead of a streamlined work process of state systems of management and control, which has not been instituted yet.

Recently, it became very fashionable among Russian mass media to show active fight against corruption and arrests of officials who took bribes. For this, demonstrative raids with the capture of grafters caught red-handed, are arranged. But amounts demonstrated are laughable, in comparison with those appropriated by officials and their accomplices, who pillaged and destroyed Russian economy in 1990-s. These amounts are exorbitant. If we arrested just one Governor of Rostov region Vladimir Chub for the crimes he committed against the State and against his own folk, andinterrogate him using a polygraph (lie detector), the “Rostov celestial” will hand over everyone who was feeding out of his hand, his “patrons” and those in the Presidential Executive Office and the Government of Russia who still continue to “cover” him.

Vladimir Chub’s confessions, obtained by using the “lie detector”, will surpass all expectations and will be a real staggering “bombshell” to the uninitiated persons. Truthful testimony of the “Rostov celestial” against his “accomplices” will explicitly pave the way to numerous arrests of OCG participants involved in the collapse of industry, agriculture and science in Russia, in the plunder of national wealth, natural resources and minerals, which undermined Russia’s economic security, defense and statehood. Confiscation of property of OCG members in Russia and abroad will bring large sums of money, necessary to restore the economy they shattered, into the treasury of the State. And, for the purpose of edification of others, Chub and his most notorious OCG accomplices at the federal level should be sentenced to capital punishment, which was not abolished in the U.S. and is successfully used in China, and execute it without any red tape.



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