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The production area of Atommash amounted to nearly 6 million square meters. 500 Milan Cathedrals could accomodate on that territory.

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Will there be a breakthrough in Russian agriculture? ↓


These days Russian President Dmitry Medvedev says on various occasions that it is necessary to finally start actively developing the country’s agriculture. However, this reminds us of an old Soviet-Russian tradition, when all leaders who were “assigned to agriculture”, beautifully spoke of future achievements and spent public money allocated for those purposes, but always failed the programs, which were scientifically justified. As a result, “trusted companies” keep “saving the country from famine and deficit” by purchasing food abroad, at the expense of the national revenues from the sale of raw materials.

In the 1990s, Russia’s leadership and its accomplices had brought the situation to the point of absurdity, firmly making the entire country addicted to foreign foods. Russia as a whole began to consume about 50% of imported food, Moscow – up to 70%. Powerful bureaucrats still stubbornly refuse to give up this “food addiction”. Their favorite motto is “oil for food”. Warnings from the Deputies of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation, and, subsequently, the Russian State Duma, that we were losing food security and independence, had no effect, since none of the officials was punished for the failures in the economy.

None of the criminals who participated in anti-Russian reforms of the 1990s was held liable, seated on a dock and sentenced to capital punishment for destruction of the colossal country’s economy. Instead, having completed their hasty actions, members of the Organized criminal group (OCG) of corrupt officials received, “as gratitude”, high positions in the lucrative fields of the economy, to get their hands on something that they didn’t have a chance to seize at the time of their criminal reforms. It’s enough to look at just one the track – that of Anatoly Chubais, who was shielded from criminal punishment by the “ruling elite” during the whole period of his activities. And in fact he was one of the first to be held responsible for the collapse of industry, agriculture and science in Russia.

The team of reformers led by Anatoly Chubais, which included Peter Mostovoy, Georgy Tal, Alfred Koch and other high-ranking anti-Russian “activists", as well as numerous aides, advisers and consultants from abroad, destroyed Russian economy in favor of the opponents of development and those real reforms which the country actually needed very much; and did so not without their own benefit. It was Chubais and his “team of reformers” who deliberately instituted colonial economy of oil & gas type in Russia, destroying all industries except for commodity, devastating agriculture, housing and utilities sector, defense industry, army, science and education – on other words, everything that provides economic development and security of the country . Thus, they made Russia addicted to a drug called “hydrocarbons”, and today the country’s economy cannot get rid of that addiction.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin promised to the Russian citizens that soon market economy will start developing rapidly due to large-scale privatization of state property, democratic and political reforms. This privatization was supposed to provide for the development of agriculture and supply the country with food. But how could the large-scale formal privatization of agricultural companies possibly help solve the problem with food, if Russian industry has been destroyed by Chubais and his criminal accomplices during Yeltsin’s “reign”?

If we compare the volume of production of industrial and agricultural products in the Rostov region in physical terms (rather than in rubles) for 1991 and for 2008, everything becomes crystal clear. This is confirmed by the comparative statistical data on socio-economic degradation of the Rostov region for 1991–2000. All the parameters confirm a decrease in production.

One specific example of destructive lawlessness in Rostov region, carried out by OCG members and covered by the odious Governor Vladimir Chub is the intentional disruption of mass production of promising high-tech Biomass energy units (BEU) on Russia’s nuclear engineering flagship Atommash OJSC, which could play a very important role in the development of Russia’s agriculture. BEU could solve environmental, energy, agro-chemical and socio-economic problems in the agriculture of the country. They ensured swift processing of livestock and poultry waste into an environmentally friendly fertilizer and biogas, using the latter as a source of energy and heat. Apart from being used for the agricultural company’s own purposes, fertilizers produced on BEU could have been sold on consumer market, generating extra income to the owners of BEU.

If the promising YACONTO program for the mass production of BEU on PA (OJSC) Atommash, necessary for socio-economical development of Russia, was really supported by the Administration of Rostov region and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture in 1995, Atommash OJSC could have produced and sold more than 60 thousand BEU with different capacity over those 15 years. Being utilized in agricultural companies and farms, BEU could contribute to the development of country’s agriculture. But corrupt officials on federal and regional level opposed this deliberately, since they were contributing to the degradation of Russia’s agriculture, serving the interests of foreign producers of food.

During the premeditated bankruptcy of Atommash OJSC, 28.5% share of which was owned by Concern YACONTO JSC, the OCG members have seized and appropriated all design documentation for BEU, which was an intellectual property of YACONTO LLC. Reasonable, legitimate demands to return the documentation to its owner did not trigger anything. The Statement from YACONTO companies to the Prosecutor’s office and MOI (police) of Volgodonsk (out. №14-8-KFYA of 14.08.2000) never produced any results either. The reason is that law enforcement and judiciary agencies of Rostov region, controlled by Chub and his team, only served the interests of OCG members.

More information on BEU can be found on www.yaconto.ru in documents under 'YACONTO companies' and 'ATOMMASH' sections, as well as in the Letter of YACONTO LLC to Russian President Vladimir Putin (out. №80116-1 of 16.01.2008, pages 10 and 11), which was concealed from him. In China, “exemplars” like Vladimir Chub, his team members and “patrons”, who undermined country’s economic and food security, would have long been executed, and their property in the country and abroad, including that of their relatives and trustees (third parties), as well as money in bank accounts, would have been confiscated.

Today we can only speculate on how many highly promising projects and programs, intended to benefit the country’s economy, were never implemented due to corrupt officials. Lawlessness and arbitrariness, instituted during Boris Yeltsin’s “reign”, is still to be found in Russia. That’s why Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s wishful thinking that the officials bring some order to the economy and trigger an intensive development of agriculture, will again be nullified by “solid ranks” of corrupt officials. In particular, much of the money allocated by the Russian government to support farmers never reached the latter, having settled in the pockets of officials instead. And the money that reached its consumer was “supplemented” by direct and hidden cheats.

In order to ensure that the funding reaches its earmarked industry consumer under Russian conditions, we need a very strict control over its distribution and movement. To accomplish this, all amounts of earmarked loans allocated by the state should be specified in the lists of ultimate recipients of those loans, and the lists themselves should be openly published in the media. This is the only way to make it transparent, which agricultural company / farmer is supposed to receive money for support of his economic activity without any intermediaries and dummy lenders, and the amount of that money. Execution of the Russian Government’s instructions, from the perspective of possible corruption during allocation and receipt of earmarked funding, must be monitored by respective controlling and law enforcement agencies. Such anti-corruption actions will contribute to real development of the country’s agriculture, saturation of consumer markets with domestic goods and decreasing costs for end users to acceptable values.

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